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Vote 4    ·    April 5th, 2004

Hey AK fans!

Alicia’s site is up for the ‘WEBSITE OF THE MONTH’ award @

U can vote for RIGHT HERE.

You can vote until April 15th 2004. Start votin’ yall!!

AK website

You can leave a response,

6 Responses to “Vote 4”

  1. robeam solos Says:

    alicia ilove you

  2. shanti Says:

    make an alicia keys website

  3. delva Says:

    hi alicia, i just want to leave you a comment for the good work that you are doing and i want to tell you how beautiful you are. i been listening to a song that you sing i love so much which is no one and i am wondering as i am an upcoming artist if you could give me just a little permission to record a track on the same no one version i would be grateful to hear from as soon as possible. thank you

  4. Blane Hemmert Says:

    Just an old man saying that I really appreciate your new song “If I Ain’t Got You”. I have been ill and I feel so much better when I hear your song. Thanks for your beautiful music you are a very inspiring artist and need to be commended for you excellent work!

    Peace and Regards,

  5. Victor Ogutu Says:

    Naturaly Catchy.

  6. michelle Says:

    Alicia Keys i admire you because you taut me alot. Everyone is not perfect but special in their own way i have a special talent.Ithank you for that because of you I finally found what i’m good at and that’s being myself and not caring about the lies people have to say about me, that made me stronger and a big help in my life. I am 15 years old living in the island of ST.Criox and i want to be a song writter.

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