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Alicia in Smokin' Aces

Alicia keys is starting her movie career and is going to kick it off with a bang with Smokin’ Aces. Alicia will play a ruthless assassin (Georgia Sykes) in the action comedy along side Ben Affleck and many other big stars.

With a plot straight out of the “48 Hours”/ “Midnight Run” playbook, “Aces” casts Reynolds as an FBI agent masterminding a manhunt for a loudmouthed standup comedian (Piven). With the comic making plans to testify against the mafia, Keys and a collection of fellow hired killers seek to cash in on the contract on his life. As Reynolds’ character attempts to bring the squealing joker into police custody, the comedian insists on entertaining one last Tahoe crowd.

Keys, a former child prodigy who has previously flirted with Hollywood by contributing songs to the “Shaft” and “Men in Black” soundtracks, had previously signed a deal with Sony to portray piano player Philippa Schuyler in a film based on the book “Compositions in Black and White” (see “Alicia Keys To Play Biracial Piano Prodigy In First Movie”). “Smokin’ Aces” would likely leapfrog “Compositions” on Keys’ upcoming production slate.

This page will stay up to date with all the latest news regarding Alicia and her Smokin’ Aces film role.

Smokin’ Aces is now available on DVD!

Smokin’ Aces Trailer

Killing trailer

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