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Smokin’ Aces Director Says Alicia Keys Give Him The Upper Hand

November 3rd, 2006

Alicia Keys in Smokin' AcesCarnahan also wanted a who’s-who of Hollywood superstars, and he got ‘em. Inhabiting various floors of this homicide-heavy hotel are Ryan Reynolds, , Andy Garcia, Ray Liotta, Taraji P. Henson and — in their movie debuts — Common and Alicia Keys.

“Alicia is a 26-year-old kid; we forget how young she is,” Carnahan said, admitting that he took a bit of a risk in casting her as a world-weary assassin. “You can see in her eyes that she’s an old soul. You look at her and you can tell that she’s been here before.”

“She was playing at the Paramount in Oakland [California], and I drove up there to see her,” Carnahan remembered of his pitch, which he made after her representatives put out the word that the Grammy winner was looking to explore an acting career. “I watched her show, which was fantastic, and I went backstage … I sat down and talked to her, and I said, ‘They are going to come to you with some jerk-off romantic comedy. Don’t do it. Read this instead!’ Well, she had read it at that point, and said, ‘Wow, it’s really intense,’ and I said, ‘Yeah, so, do you want to shake things up?’ ”

Shaking it up would be one way to describe Keys’ performance, as soulful as any song she’s ever sung — but spiced up with an undercover hooker outfit, lesbian love affair (with Henson’s character) and one very, very enormous gun.

12 Responses to “Smokin’ Aces Director Says Alicia Keys Give Him The Upper Hand”

  1. ummmdummm Says:

    is she a les

    I have heard some stuff about her

  2. Jarrett Parker Says:

    I love that movie. It’s inspriring.People, she’s not bi, or les. She is staright all the way. So, stop thinking that.

  3. brandon murphy Says:

    dieheart fan for eternity of alicia keys.

  4. Goergia Says:

    When she do play that les charator in the movie i don’t exspect Alicia to do anything outragous she may be just always side to side with Taraji Henson’s charator but no further contact then that. Alicia keys ain’t crazy now.

  5. LwordFreak Says:

    If she is… what does it matter?

    nada!! she still has a billion grammys

  6. Goergia Says:

    Yep you right bout that what does it matter but i can’t wait to see this movie though. January 26th

  7. Akenya Seymour Says:

    YES! I knew she’d be a lesbian in this! I’m so eager for this role! lol! HAHA!

  8. Racahel Says:

    oh my god

  9. rachael Says:

    i love Alicia keys who is dating her and who any of her friends are she is so f***** cute

  10. Says:


  11. Says:

    hey guys smokin aces looks sooo good i need ot go see it she is so good at acting

  12. Lini Says:

    Alicia,u r da bomb!!!haven’t c dat movie but she’s da best..u go gal!!!

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