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Singer Alicia Keys Pours Heart into AIDS Fight in Africa    ·    June 5th, 2006

Alicia Keys did not have to come here, to this small town outside of Durban on South Africa’s eastern coast, where the infection rate from HIV/AIDS is believed to be twice the national average: 40 percent of the people in this part of the country are infected.

But for the Grammy winning singer and songwriter, the opportunity to come here and help build a clinic was reason enough to cross the ocean and confront a seemingly insurmountable challenge. She came, she says, “To be the voice of the people. To represent real people and real life, real struggles, real pains, real joys, real things that are really there, you know?

Watch Nightline at 11:35 p.m. EST tonight to see the full report on Cynthia McFadden’s visit to South Africa with Alicia Keys. For more on Keys’ foundation, go to

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5 Responses to “Singer Alicia Keys Pours Heart into AIDS Fight in Africa”

  1. Emmanuel Njamfa Says:

    I’m originally form Cameroon now living in the United States. I just watched nightline today 06/05/2006 and watched Alicia’s wonderful and inspiring humanitarian effort to fight Aids in South Africa. Please, forward this message to her. I want her to know I lack words to express my gratitude and appreciation, and admiration for all the wonderful work she is doing in Africa. Alicia at her tender age is truely a source of inspiration for young adults. I will pray for her and hopefully I may one day be in a position to help (on a larger scale) do something about the Aids catastropy in South Africa.

    Thank you Alicia. You are wonderful human being. The Lord and Angels will guide you in whatever you think, say and do.
    Emmanuel Njamfa

  2. Emmanuel Nj Says:

    Thank you again Alicia for your wonderful work in South Africa.
    God bless and be with you always.


  3. Kutiwa K-Trott Says:

    Alicia Keys,

    Thank you for saying out what all of us women are feeling and just can’t say.

    We were misunderstanding our own feelings until you came, now we are all gaining our strength and might to make things happen. Because of Angels such as yourself, that have been send to guide us through the night.

    Thank you for sharing your sincere thoughts with us and for spreading the word around.

    Thank you also for singing other writers’songs, for you are like Ms Rosa Parks that took it to her to do what everyone else was scared to do and after she did it changed everyone else’s lives.

    Thank you for sharing your VOICE with us and for keeping it REAL.

    Love always your admirer fan

    Kutiwa Trott
    ( Abused mother on the way UP! and raising a strong 2 and a half year old woman, Victoria.)

  4. rsukygvl ijrw Says:

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  5. Candice Lennon Says:

    i hope god bless u in many ways because u did a good thing

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