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Russell Simmons Atman Fragrance Funds Alicia Keys’ Charity

August 10th, 2006

Rap mogul Russell Simmons and his estranged wife Kimora Lee are teaming up to give Alicia Keys‘ charity foundation a sweet smell thanks to a new scent. The entrepreneurial couple have designed a new fragrance, called Atman, and will each hand over the money they make from the scent to charity. Def Jam Records founder Simmons says, “Atman means higher self. Kimora and I both own a part in it since our businesses are tangled up. “We’re both giving up all our proceeds… to Alicia Keys’ Keep A Child Alive charity.

5 Responses to “Russell Simmons Atman Fragrance Funds Alicia Keys’ Charity”

  1. lellow Says:

    i would like to know more about this foundation
    puttt me downnnnn

    Houston fearless?????

  2. hungary mann Says:

    I still need to eat mama
    whassup on some
    hot and spicys and some super size fries with a shake and apple pies ?
    is that too much to ask for ? :)

  3. exxes street Says:

    HELLO Sweetness!

    Please Read I would meet YOU anywhere if and when you’re ready to talk like how we used to be. Life is not an exit, It’s called Friendship… It was never YOU, It’s ME! Look honey your salways great, I’m good, and everythang or everyone is bad. As marvelous as you are brightness YOU aare tha SUN.

    I’ve had alot of time to figure out about what I need and what I want. I don’t want a car, a house or money frum YOU. All we needed was us to talk to each other and nothing. Dont’cha know silly gurl deeply MELUVESYOU since tha day I held YOU in my hands and that’s your entire life. When it dawns upon YOU that I’m breathless and truly feel heartless nomore for my life.

    Sweetness, It’s ALWAYS been YOU who’s the color to my sky. Not a day goes by that I don’t think, worry and Luv YOU! One day, I’m going to kiss your face and bite your cheeks! YOU know how we do it! Yap! Yap! O’kay!

    Remember YOU are ME and I am YOU! In my life yesterday, today, tomorrow Always and Forever we FRIENDS. One Day I wish to see YOU again. Can I get to see YOU again? See ua, Always yours “LOVING”

    Ps: If YOU can’t - I won’t bother!


  4. Dime Says:

    yow that song alicia did with baby sham was hot ghetto story remix thats wat am talking about no one does it better than alicia. She brought feeling to that song baby sham is a very smart man cause he found the perfect person to do that song with. Alicia a love wat you do girl keep doin wat u do hope someday wen a make it big a can be as lucky as sham to have you feature on one of ma songs

  5. amber Says:

    you are my idol i can sing just like u also

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