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New Dairy Post By Alicia    ·    June 22nd, 2002

Alicia makes a new entry to her diary, she talks about her great new tour, which is gonna be damn amazing. She also says they are going to put that chat back up becasue she loves it when we write back to her, cool huh? )
AND she has set up her own Fan Club, this sounds great becasue she is compleatly involved and it’s not run by a big corporation where she doesn’t have true involvement with.

Fri June 21, 2002 6:17:45 PM

I’m sitting here, just thinking. Working on the tour and writing alot, have you been writing lately? even just in a book that helps you get things off your chest?? I know the world can sometimes be a heavy weight on ones shoulders. It’s nice to have something or someone 2 help you release it.
Ive decided to put the chat back up. I really like it when you write back to me, and I can hear your thoughts or even have a way to communicte while your writing, probably will be hooked up by next week……


Alicia Keys Still Being Told To Strip    ·    June 22nd, 2002

Sexy singer Alicia Keys is still bombarded with requests to do flesh-baring photo shoots, despite publicly declaring that she will never strip.
The Fallin’ star, 21,constantly faces the persuasion of over-zealous photographers desperate to be the first to snap her unrobed. But their persistence has only succeeded in strengthening her stance.
She says, “For me, it really comes along with being conscious of the image I portray. “Because in situations with different male photographers, they see a young woman and really just want to see skin. “That’s been a battle for me. When a person is constantly pushing that on you, it gets very, very wearing. You have to constantly be on the top-top-top of your game.”
Source: , cheers

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BUTTERFLYZ    ·    June 20th, 2002

Hey, everyone!

Here’s a clip of the “Butterflyz (Roger’s Release Mix)” that will
appear on “THIS Is Ultimate Dance” –


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Bet awards    ·    June 19th, 2002


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How does Alicia stays in shape?    ·    June 19th, 2002

Alicia Keys stays in shape by … “Jogging. And I give thought to how I eat. I don’t eat red meat or drink milk. I try to find new ways to do salads because they don’t make me feel weighed down. I try to keep my body healthy so that even when I haven’t gotten a whole lot of sleep, my energy level is high.”
She describes her style as … “Versatile. I wear everything from a $10 pair of thrift-store jeans to a Sean Jean sweatsuit. I like low-slung Miss Sixty jeans very much, but they give my butt problems when I sit down to play the piano.”

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VIDEO - David Letterman Show - Alicia performs “How Come You Don’t Call Me?” with a great twist    ·    June 18th, 2002

As I promised, the video of Alicia and her superb performance on the David
Letterman show. Credits go to fatalxthug our co-admin for providing me with this
great video. Its a must see! Alicia is obviously trying to stand out from the
norm here, and she does it superbly.

Note: You can
also download these video to watch later, or if your connection is not
fast enough to watch the High quality version in real time. To Download, Rightclick
on the link and select “Save Target As..

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Making the video with Eve and Alicia    ·    June 18th, 2002

On Wendsday 26th of June MTV will be showing the making of the video called “Gangsta Love”. Its the first hott single featuring Alicia Keys from Eve’s upcomming album. If you miss it on the 26th, it will re-air on Friday the 28th. Check your local listings for times near you.

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New Song! Eve ft Alicia Keys - Gangsta Love - Exclusive    ·    June 17th, 2002

We have just got our hands of the great new tune by Eve ft Alicia Keys called Gangsta Love, provided to us by the great fatalxthug ).

You can Listen to this song here.


NOTE If would would like to download this file right click on the link and choose “Save Target as..”

If you can’t play these files download Windows media player 7+

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Alicia Goes Afro    ·    June 16th, 2002

Just recently Alicia performed live on the popular american “David Letterman” show.
She performed her latest single “How Come You Don’t Call Me?” with a previusly
unseen hair style.
I have just recived the video clip of this from my friend
and co-admin fatalxthug I will upload this video to the site shortly, some
sneek peek pictures are shown below.

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Alicia Keys Working New Album    ·    June 15th, 2002

Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Alicia Keys recently completed a short two-week break on her scheduled tour through the fall with soul singer Musiq. Keys shared with LAUNCH how important it was to recharge her batteries: “I think just time alone is always a necessity, you know?” she said. “I just think to think with your own thoughts and be around a quiet area that is just very personal, I think is really beneficial. So, for me, I realized that experiencing that is helpful in refocusing and staying focused.” Keys also shared with LAUNCH in Miami recently that she has already begun work on her sophomore album: “I’ve been writing for the new album forever, you know, since before the first album came out, but now I’m definitely continuing to write and actually playing some songs down this whole month of June and continuing on while I’m on tour. And then I’m going to lock down when I get off tour in September–or possibly November, if we go to Europe. We gonna make it happen. It’s gonna be crazy.”] SOUNDCUE

Credits: &

(Very Sorry for lack of updates and work on site, but this is an extreemly busy time for me right now.)


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