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New Poll    ·    June 9th, 2002

I thought it was due time to change the Poll Question. The previous Poll, which was about Alicia’s Video “How Come You Don’t Call Me”, received 439 votes! Thanks for voting!
The results are shown below.

Option 1: It’s Great!
- votes: 374 (85.19%) - 7.6 votes per day
Option 2: It’s Good
- votes: 38 (8.66%) - 0.8 votes per day
Option 3: It’s Okay
- votes: 16 (3.64%) - 0.3 votes per day
Option 4: It’s Bad
- votes: 1 (0.23%) - 0.0 votes per day
Option 5: It’s Terrible
- votes: 10 (2.28%) - 0.2 votes per day

The NEW Poll is about Your Favourite Song, Excluding Released Singles. So basically any song from her album “Songs in A minor” excluding Fallin’, A Woman’s Worth and How Come You Don’t Call Me. Maybe J Records will take notice and go along with the fans for her next single.

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Neo-soul artist takes success in stride    ·    June 8th, 2002

Alcia Keys was interview by Evelyn McDonnell at Miami
Herald last Tuesday, she talks about how she keeps focused and also praises her
Alicia Keys is petite. Her long braids are tied back by a multi-colored
scarf and there’s a touch of eyeliner making her Cleopatra eyes even more feline. She’s
so naturally pretty as she sits across the conference table of a stately suite
at the Inter-Continental Hotel in downtown Miami on a recent May day, you think,
no wonder she’s a star.

‘I always want to stay focused on who I am, even as
I’m discovering who I am… one of my main priorities is to stay very, very normal,’
says Alicia Keys.
(Read more…)

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fatal and alicia liner    ·    June 6th, 2002

as a co-admin of this site, i sure don’t do much… oh well! here’s a new liner i did with alicia keys. this was prerecorded so it sounds like an announcing spot. in addition, i also wanna apologize for not having the new eve ft. alicia keys single yet, interscope records have been holding back on us. so we might not see it for awhile… maybe someone else will get it besides me.

peep the liner: rm | wma

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Image from “Good Morning America”    ·    June 4th, 2002

Some more
images for you ). This time from "Good Morning America".
(Which is also a great new Affiliate so check it out!

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Kiss 108 Concert Images    ·    June 4th, 2002

I have eight images from the recent Kiss 108 concert.
Go check them out )

108 Concert Images

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The Life Remix    ·    June 4th, 2002

hey wuts up all…just wanted to let ya’ll know that theres a remix of The Life from ms. keys featuring Eve and Jadakiss. If you already knew that…wut do ya’ll think of it?

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To all of the extended Alicia Keys Family (her true fans 4 life)    ·    June 2nd, 2002

Whats up yall! To all of the true Alicia keys extended fam 4 life, please log on to and vote for our girl 4 Cosmo girl of the year. She is way behind in votes. We are allowed to vote hundreds of times per day. If we all unite as one and put our votes in, maybe she can come up a little faster. Come on yall, lets give a little support to our girl. Until next time, stay up yall! Thank You. 1 Luv.

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if your a fan!!!    ·    May 31st, 2002

hey ya’ll need to go to and vote for alicia only if you are a true fan!! because we all want her to win the cosmogirl of the year yall feel me!!!!

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Alicia-Art Site    ·    May 30th, 2002

is a new site that has been purely setup for the art of Alicia Keys. Alicia Art
is a sub section of Alicia Keys Fan.Com and is under the sole control of Dadja!.
This site includes backgrounds, art, and skins of all sorts.

to Alcia Art. Here we will provide you with the most beautiful Alcia-Art on the
web. From backgrounds to skins, as long as it’s about Alicia, you’ve come to the
right place. For now we’re still workin’ on the skins section, for now you can
check out some great backgrounds."

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Eve, Alicia Keys Team Up For …    ·    May 23rd, 2002

Some ‘Gangsta Love’

Eve and Alicia Keys have paired up in song once again. The duo, who appeared on the remix to Angie Stone’s “Brotha,” have collaborated for “Gangsta Love,” the first single off of Eve’s third LP, Eve-olution. The track has already garnered some radio airplay.

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