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Sisters of Soul week-end    ·    July 4th, 2002

For all you people that get MTVe(urope) DON’T FORGET TO WATCH THE SISTERS OF SOUL WEEKEND this weekend. Our girl Alicia will more than likely play a big part in that, so keep y”alls eyes open!

You’ll probably get sum clips and the diary again, but I’m prayin’ to get sum mo’ live performences, we’ll see, more info: click here

And I’ve seen it’s gonna be hosted by Miss Dynamite, that’s all I know. So if you’re lackin’ soem vids or sumtin in ur collection, keep that video-recorder ready!

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I’m sitting here, just thinking. Working on the tour and writing alot, have you been writing lately? even just in a book that helps you get things off your chest?? I know the world can sometimes be a heavy weight on ones shoulders. It’s nice to have something or someone 2 help you release it.
Ive decided to put the chat back up. I really like it when you write back to me, and I can hear your thoughts or even have a way to communicte while your writing, probably will be hooked up by next week……
the tours already starting next week and I can’t believe how fast time flys! This go round is gonna be super hot, cause not only is it summer now, (which always seems to make things better for some reason:-) but most of the venues are outdoors so its gonna be like a big picnic. bring your food, your blankets, and were gonna just fly away 2 a whole other world for a good 2 hours. Theres gonna be some real cool people going on tour with me and what makes it even more fun is how each place will see a different show, so there will never be a dull moment! plus I’ve added some new things………….ohhhhh sounds intriguing huh???:-)
Stay tuned and i’ll keep u updated on the acts that’ll b with me…….

on a another note I have my Fan Club up and running and its like the bomb beacuse I’m completely involved in it meaning, its not like one of those big corporations handling evrything and I really don’t see anything!!! I didn’t want it to go down like that, so were doing it str8 ole school…….we have the hot package when you join and good ways 2 keep in touch and for you to know 1st whats really goin down and for us to stay connected in a more personal way………I’m really diggin it!

So if you wanna be a part of the my fan club write to:

Alicia Keys Fan Club
156 w 56th st 4th flr
New York, ny 10019

I’m looking forward to hearing from yall, and also seeing you during the tour
Let’s make it HOT this summer!!!!!!

1 luv yall, always searching, never stopping

your girl, Alicia

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HOLLA    ·    July 3rd, 2002

25) Ashanti
24) Justin Timberlake
23) Usher
22) Sheryl Crow
21) Ja Rule
20) Mary J. Blige
19) Ozzy Osbourne
18) Jon Bon Jovi
17) Alicia Keys
16) Will Smith
15) Bono of U2
14) Madonna
13) Kid Rock
12) Janet Jackson
11) Tommy Lee
10) Lenny Kravitz
09) Beyonce Knowles
08) Kylie Minogue
07) P!nk
06) Maxwell
05) Gwen Stefani
04) Enrique Iglesias
03) Britney Spears
02) Shakira
01) Jennifer Lopez

there are the final 25
Alicia Keys should of been #1


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VH1’s Sexiest!    ·    July 3rd, 2002

Our girl Alicia is one of this years Sexiest Artist of 2002! Watch it on Vh1
Date & Airtime:
July 3- 10:00am & 9:00pm
July 4- 4:30pm
July 5- 1:30pm
(Eastern and Pacific)

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Dutch tourdate    ·    July 2nd, 2002

Alicia will perform in the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam, The Netherlands at september 26th 2002. Ticket sale has started Saturday june 29th!

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Alicia’s Diary    ·    July 2nd, 2002

Alicia has post another letter. (Thanks Mylou)

Tue July 2, 2002 2:47:26 AM

Today is my first show for the tour………I’m here in milwaukee and it’s burnin up!!!! just like the show is gonna be!!!! (speakin of burnin up I love that faith song!!!!) ohhhh man……….r u gonna be there???

I gotta get that chat back up, or at least the place were you can wirte letters, I don’t like not being able to talk to you, and hear what your saying.
It’s kind of like a one sided conversation……Thats no fun, we need to be able to talk!

well, short and to the point, nothin wrong with that huh???

can’t wait to see some of you tomm, after that, New orleans( I lovve the food out there) then detroit( OHHH Yeaaaaaaaaaa)

man oh man, ain’t nuttin better than the summer!

rock wit me

love is love


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German Tour Dates    ·    July 2nd, 2002

Here are tha tour dates 4 Germany:

29.09.02 Düsseldorf / Philipshalle

30.09.02 Frankfurt / Jahrhunderthalle

02.10.02 Hamburg / CCH 1

03.10.02 Berlin / Tempodrom

10.10.02 München / Olympiahalle

14.10.02 Stuttgart / Schleyerhalle

Buy Tickets @

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Collabo!!    ·    June 30th, 2002

India Arie and Alicia Keys are set to team up on record - because their hero Stevie Wonder has insisted they collaborate. The pals met up backstage at Tuesday night’s Black Entertainment Awards in Hollywood and discussed their plans to duet - when Stevie overheard them. Arie says, “We’ve spoken about doing it a lot and now we’re going to do that. Stevie Wonder told us we had to, so that’s going to happen.” Keys has another all-girl collaboration lined up - she’s teaming up with on a track she also co-produced and wrote on the Genie In A Bottle singer’s new album.
Alicia doin her thang wit everybody!! You Go GIRL!!!

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UK Tour Dates    ·    June 29th, 2002

Here are the tour dates:

October 24 - Manchester, Evening News Arena

October 3 - Cardiff, International Arena

October 31 - Plymouth, Pavilion

November 2 - London, Wembley Arena

November 5 - Brighton, Centre

November 6 - Birmingham, National Exhibition Centre

If you wanna buy tickets you can go to the link below

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Alicia Best Speech @ BET awards!!    ·    June 27th, 2002

Best Speech: Best New Artist winner Alicia Keys, apparently having observed the altercation between Suge and Snoop, said, “We have lost too many people for no reason and we don’t need to perpetuate that. This is for all the people that we lost.”

HERE’S THE WHOLE SPEECH:“Thank you, y’all. I’m tryna get my thoughts togetha because I have something I really wanna say right here. I wanna thank everybody out here for all your support and all your love. All of y’all up here. All of y’all out here. I of course wanna thank BET and Steven Hill, I wanna thank J Records, Ron Gilliard, Clive Davis of course. I wanna thank Jeff Robinson and MBK, I wanna thank Kerry Brothers,the other half of Krucial Keys, but what I really wanna say right now (pauses) What I really wanna say right now is we done lost too many people y’all.We done lost too many people for no reason because of ego and I just wanna say that we need to not perpetuate that and this is for everybody that we lost, y’all.Thank you.”-Alicia Keys


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