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New post(s)    ·    December 31st, 2003

Tue December 30, 2003 5:55:09 AM|
ok, well its a conspiracy.;-)

hey I guess that means you have to stay tuned for the end of the story of The little Cd called “The Life”

*dramatic soap opera music plays*
LOL I learned that from yall (writing the explantaion of what your thinking in between the asteriks)( is that how you spell that damn word?)

yall r crazy, and I’m going to bed we’ll try again tomorrow


Tue December 30, 2003 5:50:08 AM|
well here goes my last attempt to let you see the finished story.

Boy oh boy, cant even write in a journal around here anymore…LOL!!! ……I can’t quite remember if it was Jeff, or peter my A

Tue December 30, 2003 5:21:49 AM|
Man you can find EVERYTHING on e-bay!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!

Anyway I thought that was an interesting question that you wanted to know. The one about that little CD that was called “The life” Before Songs in A minor became that, it went through alot of changes. Mind you at that time, I was shocked and excited beyond belief that my album was finally even coming out!!!! I had never quite thought about a title cause I was just so focused on the music, trying to make it work, and so much drama was contnuously happening, I was just grindin and trying to hustle from situation to situation as smoothly as I could. As a new artist we were going to put out a “sampler”, that would give people a little taste of the music and hopefully intrigue them to start talking about it and see what it was all about. Since I didn’t have a title for the album yet, I was getting some heat to come up with something especially since we were putting out the sampler. Well, I was trying to feel what my spirit was telling me, but it was taking alittle to long and ” The Life” was one of the things that I had been toying with. The album was about my life and “The Life” was one of the songs on the album, so I was pretty solid that that would make a good title. So for the sampler that was what we went with. After the sampler was out, I started getting some more title inpirations and one of the earlier ones was “soulstories in A minor” I remember writing all these titles on little papers everywhere, in my pager, everywhere and soulstories in A minor was THE ONE to me. All the songs on the album were life stories from my soul, in a major way. ‘A’ is the first initial of my name and that was it! It all made sense. I was rock solid on the title when someone made a suggestion. I can’t quite remember if it was Jeff, or Peter my A

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