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New diary entry    ·    November 16th, 2003

Sun November 16, 2003 3:48:49 AM
My first day off in at least a month starts today. WOW!!! I’m excited. I’m Imagining all that I am going to do tomorrow like…….NOTHIN!!! Shoot! I’m gonna be in the most comfortable clothes I can find, sleeping as long as my eyes can possibly stay closed, and then when I do get up, I’m gonna make some breakfast, even if its 5pm, and I’m gonna watch as many sex in the city’s I can on HBO on demand and dammit that’s my plan and I’m sticking to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL ;-)

When I got home today I ordered some chinese, and ran a bath. Nice and hot just how I like it and just sank into my thoughts. I was reading a book of poetry and short stories and I was thinking about some things.

First, The book I’m reading is one that’s kind of heavy. You know, just one of those books that make you think. And it brought up a thought that I wanted to share with you…..
Especially since were have such a diverse family here.

let me try to make a long concept short……

At times there can be such an emphasis placed on race and color. Usually it is used to divide us in some way. but because its impossible to trace back to every drop of blood that makes up who we are… it fair to say that there is no such thing as one particular race? would it be fair to simply call someone white or black (for example)? although years and years of migration, evolution, and mixing of people make it impossible for there to be one pure race? Therefore, could it be said that race doesn’t even really exists since we are all not completely just one thing or the other, but a mixture of all things and therefore, the same?

hmmmmmmm. While I was reading that concept struck me.
it started my mind to thinking….
It’s been awhile since we got kinda deep and challenged each others minds with food for thought…..
so… what do you think?


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