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New diary entry    ·    July 4th, 2004

Jul 2, 2004 11:48 PM

Did you miss me?

Man I’ve been kinda bananas. I haven’t even been on the board for a while and you know that’s not a norm for me as I am an admitted addicted of the
Anyway I got a chance to catch up and it’s good to be back.
Right now I’m here in Germany on my way to Switzerland. I can’t wait to go!
I here that it’s going to be beautiful there. I’m going to play the same place that Marvin Gaye did years ago. WOW! Yall know how I feel about him.
That is going to be very special for me to touch the stage he touched once.

Sometimes when I’m on stage I look out to you and I just think “Oh my goodness” and I just want to live every moment like it is my last, because
God forbid if it ever is, I know that I didnt take it for granted and that I enjoyed it for all it was. Really that’s what you teach me. To enjoy every

I’ve been doing very well. You would all be proud of me, taking my vitamins and everythang! I have been flying back and forth across the atlantic like a
madwoman, but I always pray and God keeps me safe. Plus I have so much to do! It’s not my time yet.

The Shows in Europe have been unreal! For real. There’s been this crazy vibe floating thru everything and making it very magical. Today in Bonn was really special and I want to big up everyone I was able to meet afterward.
It always shocks me to put faces to the names I know so well on the board. I love getting the chance to talk to you in person. Thanks for the love. For
real! All of you, I mean it!

This sucks, but my bus rolls out in 10 minutes and I know I have to go but I just had to at least check in and say what’s up. Cause I’ve been getting it
from all angles lol “Alicia hurry up and write! We miss you!” But I’m not mad at that, believe me!

I’m reading a new James Baldwin book. It’s so deep. I’ll tell you more about it later, but in it there was a line that said “Nobody can stay in the
Garden of Eden”….
It got me to thinking cause I’m like, all our lives it’s like we’re searching for this Garden of Eden yet even if we find it, something about us
is always searching for more. So do we ever find it, something about us is always searching for more. So do we ever find this Garden of Eden? Or is it
just something for us to strive for? Maybe that is what he meant when he said Nodody can stay in the Garden of Eden.

I’m not sure, but what I do know is, knowing that something sweeter is out there somewhere sure does give us something to look forward to and I know
there’s nothing wrong with looking forward to the sweetness that comes with the search.
It brings out the best in you……

It’s late, I gotta roll

love 4eva

A to da K;-)

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