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New diary entry    ·    August 14th, 2004

Aug 14, 2004 12:31 AM
Peace fam,

How are you feeling? I’m feeling well. Promised myself that I’m going to get some nice , sleep-till-you-wake-up-sleep tonight. It’s been a little while so I’m overdue for some R&R. But of course as I’m relazing and getting ready from some shut-eye, I had to slide through and see what’s going on with my road dogs!!!!!!

So basically, I guess you have figured out the voice mail number is no longer in existence. I loved being able to have a secret connection with ya’ll, but as you see it’s causing WAY to much trouble. First, with all the crazy things on the news with people that are getting harassed. (I feel bad about that cause who wants to get 50 million calls that are not even for you! ;-)) and then with whatever smart ass hacking into my voicemail and leaving some BOGUS message, that just put the icing on the cake! I mean I was willing to be dogged in the press about people receiving random phone calls, but for someone to disrespect my privacy and leave some phoney message? I’m not feeling that! So I had to dead it!
Fortunately, you don’t have to worry cause I have some fly ideas that I think will make up for that. I’ll let you know about it once it’s all solidified .

Right now I’m chillin’ out listening to some old Roberta Flack. I love it. A nice way to end the night and enter into my Sleep-till-I wake-up-sleep that I’m so looking forward to.
There’s been a lot of going on, much I’m sure that you want to know about but I’m gonna have to tell you when I wake up LOL!

Don’t hold me to that, but you know I’ll be back soon to holla.

Take care of yourself and for all those that were wondering .

HELL MUTHAF*CKN YEAH I’m VOTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I’m expecting all my people on here that can vote to rock with me on that!!!!!!!!;-)

And even if you can’t personally vote, I’m counting on you to urge someone that you know who can, to do it for you, for them, for US!

One love

Always yours


P.S. So ya’ll liked my feisty interview? I had no idea I was feeling that defiant until I read it and remembered my state of mind.
Hey, its good to be raw and uncut sometimes, why not?;-)

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One Response to “New diary entry”

  1. naya Says:

    you are so crazy

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