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NEW COMING LATER TODAY!    ·    November 25th, 2003

They’ve got the test site up right now, but the final is coming later on today…


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15 Responses to “NEW COMING LATER TODAY!”

  1. Lynn Woytus Says:

    I am sooo extatic that Alicia Keys is coming out with a brand new website! I can’t wait to view it later on. She is my #1 artist that I not only listen to but look up to aswell. She is so unique. Before she became revealed into the music scene, there was noone out there like that. Not only with her music but her style of wardrobe; clothes, shoes, jewelry, everything! She is definitely one of a kind and I hope that she continues to strive to be on top. I believe that she will do everything and anything in her power to be who she will always and forever be. A TRUE superstar from the heart, mind and soul!!!!!! Love Ya Always and Forever Alicia! Signed, your #1 Fan4Life, LynnWoytus

  2. lynette Says:

    Alicia might not be singing alot now but she stil shakin the world!!!Her new website should be oof the chain though and i cant wait for that!!!

  3. lynette Says:

    oops!! didn’t mean to say that i meant that her site should just be off the chain!!

  4. Marc Jacob Says:

    Alicia, I am a big fan but this is too weird. I just went on google to find Terri Augello and found out its your mom. Unreal. Can you check with her if she worked at New York Telephone around 1970-71 at the 13th St and 2nd Ave location. I remember Terri and her best friend Alice Cirino both studying theatre at N.Y.U. If this is the same person please give her my e-mail. It has been 35 years. In advance , Thank You. Marc Jacob

  5. Says:

    hi alicia am ahmed from four seasons hotel u remeper methe beach poy

  6. shana brown Says:

    alicia,I am so in luv wit yur music,heart and personafy what a true star should be.I look forward to every project you are a part of.I can’t wait to see you in concert again.

  7. Ahmad Says:

    hey alicia

    i really like your music and im so excited about your new website and im looking forward to see it .. i wish we can see you again in Dubai .. God bless you

  8. Laurène Says:

    How will I say… you’re the most incredible, unbelievable, beautiful and talented singer I have ever seen. Your music makes me chill, like “How come U don’t call me”, “Fallin”, “If I ain’t got you”, “Diary” and makes me feel so happy, like “Heartburn”, “Dragon days”… Your songs inspire me, I have bought the piano score “The diary of Alicia Keys”, it’s great! Now I’m able to play your music, which inspires me.
    Your voice is so strong, powerful, so full of emotions and passions… U are some kind of nightingale! I hope there’ll be a new album soon! And don’t change, stay real and sincere, we love U so much.

  9. brook from Colorado Says:

    hey. Do u remember what we have done? Don’t u miss it? cause I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! email me honey.

  10. kylarni Says:

    omg dis aint no lie you ma idol i sang ur song 4 dis singing competition i sung if i aint got u and i came second

    mwah from ur 1# fan kylarni

  11. watsonie Says:

    nice songs girl

  12. Jocelyn(joss) Says:

    i love alicia keys im like her biggest fan!i know all her songs and i have all her albums!!!

  13. Jocelyn(joss) Says:

    i am like alicia keys biggest fan in the whole world!! i know all her songs and i have all her albums!!!

  14. Rodney aka Ci-Roc Says:


  15. Rodney aka Ci-Roc Says:

    ” 1984 IS HERE”

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