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New AK diary entry    ·    March 29th, 2005

Mar 28, 2005 08:09 PM

How’s the breeze blowing?
Everything is good over here! I mean, a lot is happening, but I’m feeling great! And there is so many people from the fam that I’ve been able to meet and chill with and it’s been real cool. The show is going incredibly well. It’s so much fun to put this show together, and to be able to see it blossom and grow into something real. It’s so much fun every night to transform into this time and place. It feels real. Like I belong in that time, a time of big music and big fun, sensual songs and real gentlemen and ladies. I like living in that world for that hour and a half.

I also feel like I’ve been learning so much lately. Like the craziest situations will happen and at first I’ll wonder why but then I’ll realize that it’s all to show me something, to teach me something. Even though sometimes is uncomfortable to get the lesson from different situations, instead of getting mad or frustrated.
There is so much to build from, So much to grow into.
There is so much to question. For real, cause something else I’ve noticed is people WILL NOT volunteer information. They will try to take as much advantage of our ignorance as possible. That’s why one of the most important questions I ask whenever necessary is WHY? If someone can’t explain why, then they are not telling you everything, they’re not telling the whole truth.

Someone I know called me blunt the other day. Saying “You don’t have to be so blunt.” And it’s true you don’t have to be blunt in a mean way, But I think it’s really good to be a blunt, honest person. Say the truth as you mean it. I think there are so many things that become misunderstood or not handled properly because everyone gets into this habit of saying half the truth. For whatever reason. Be it not to hurt someone, or offend someone, or come off badly .but in the end all of those negative things happens anyway, if you don’t say what you really mean. Of course there is a thing called tact .which is just the way in which you choose to say something. cause just the way you form an answer can be the difference between offending someone or not, sounding mean or not, being a jerk or not. Ya know? It’s delicate. As important as it is to tell the truth, it is just as important to put some thought into what you say and the way you say it.

Anyway, I’m kind of rambling at this point.

The Unplugged album is looking really good. Everything is not 100% official yet, but if all goes well (which it will) we will shoot it sometime in July and it will be such an experience to be able to break down my songs to their simplest, purest form. I’m already thinking of different arrangement and songs I’ll want to include. I’m really looking forward to it.

Well, I’m bout to head off and get a massage. Just relax and think and chill. The road is rough on your body, but I love it with all my heart!

Once again every time, you show me how much we have grown to mean to each other and how I have the best FAM on the planet!!

One love always.
And Thank you so much for your continuous generosity when it comes to “Keep A Child Alive”. It means so much in a world often so shallow.

Till next time
(which hopefully wont be 6 months from now)
LOL! I’m kidding!!!!!!



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  2. naya Says:

    i will try to join keep a child alive because i love children.

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