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Alicia posted in her diary on her official website on July 10th 2004 and on July 13th 2004.

Check ‘m out & enjoy! ) (special thx 2 youroldestfan)

Jul 13, 2004 11:34 AM
Here I am in Barcelona! One of my favorite cities I’m discovering.
Althought the sun isn’t as bright as I wish it was, It’s still beautiful here. I always get lost in the language. It mesmorizes me. I’m on the way to the venue, Just wanted to write and say hey. All is well, looking forward to the show tonight and seeing all the fam that is gonna be there. I can always spot you in a crowd;-)
I love the enthusiasm!

Just a quick hello
I’ll write soon………

P.S BIG UP to everyone whose been supporting “The Reign” The Brand New KK mixtape. It’s crazy! This tape is hot like fire, I’m rocking to it right now!

Love the fam
stay up!


Jul 10, 2004 12:14 PM
There are so many things to write about.
Let me start with The Montreux Jazz festival in Switzerland.
Coming to Switzerland was a nice change because the sun was there to welcome us. Nice to feel it on your face. It’s amazing how much the weather can affect your attitude. The way the mountains and the water met and followed each other up and down the street was so much like a painting. It was beautiful. The streets were electric with all the people excited about the festivities. The feeling permeated the air. And me, I’m jus thinking the whole time, how many incredible people had been here before me. As I looked out on the streets I wondered about how the people must have looked and dressed and seemed to somebody like Miles Davis when he came and played here.

We did the show that night and it was beautiful, magical and very exciting. Once again the whole time I was just thankful to be able to play in a place that had so much history. But honestly it wasn’t until the next day that I truly got the full spectrum of just how much history Montriux held.

We were invited up to the house of the man who started the festival over 38 years ago. He lived up in the mountains and if the view was incredible from my hotel room down below, I can’t even begin to explain the way the view looked from up aobve. The mountains were immense. The sun was so warm and the way ever single chair and hammock was set up toward the vast view made you reflect as you looked out onto the water and the hills. It did feel like everywhere you turned could be a painting. As if you were merely a vision from an artist from above. Which we are, but you felt it. And it made me see how differently you can see life, depending on how you live it. I felt the beauty of the world from up there and the way that your mind can be clear to think. Anyway, that’s only some of the point. But the rest is what left me feeling…I don’t know I can’t describe, let me just explain.
The Gentleman who started this festival has an unbelievable archive of ALL the people that have ever performed at the Montreux Jazz festival. I’m talking about all 38 years of it. It’s incredible. Every single person that has ever graced the stage. Miles Davis, Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Nina Simone. And that is just to name a few.

He put on the performance of Aretha Franklin in 1971, it was one of the most incredible things I’d ever seen. She had to be like 23 years old. She was a baby and singing and playing the piano with all her heart. You felt her spirit leap onto the screen. It was indescribable! But the most amazing one was to see Nina Simone Play in 1976. She had just come back from Africa and you could feel her anger. You could feel her intense feelings about the way that musicians, especially black Musicians were treated, the way people were treated and all that was going on in America that she obviously felt ambivalence toward. You could tell she felt like she didn’t really belong anywhere. But her playing…Oh my goodness her PLAYING!!!!!She played the piano as if her life depended on it. Her fluidity was incredible. She was speaking exactly from her heart and her pain and her insecurities and all the things that made her think, politically, personally, in every way came out through the piano and her voice. Her expression was genuine and real and deep! And it was really something that ripped through my whole core!!! All the times that I have ever thought about how much I wish I could see some of my favorite artists that are no longer here, and how I would just like to see the way they did it, what their approach was, things like that. And I was looking directly at it, with my own two eyes. I was mesmerized and inspired beyond belief.

It got me to thinking. It’s like the thing about artists then, is how serious they were about their craft! How artists like Nine Simone, James Baldwin, and Langston Hughes, they THOUGHT! They had things to say! and opinions about what was going on around them, about things that others were afraid to discuss. They embraced the challenged and said what the heart of the people were thinking but never would have the voice to express. They were the leaders of a movement of a generation that needed to be heard. They were not so afraid and not so stuck on the fame or the money, but the message and standing their ground, creating their own freedom.
It affected me in such a deep way. It made me feel like I want to be remembered for things like that. Important things. I am still finding my way like we all are, but I want to search deeper and be remembered for being different, for being unafraid to be vocal and active. Be strong and stand for something that endures.
I went back to my hotel and played the shit out of my piano!;-)
Nina Simone was bad!!!!(not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good) and you gotsta practice your ass off to be Bad!!!;-)

Just a little recap on the experience, unreal, and provoking!
I love it like that!

Thinking about y’all…and feeling the vibe on the boards.
keep rockin….

This is going to be an unforgettable journey we are on together, I can’t even begin to imagine where it will lead us to…….;-)


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