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Krucial Keys.Com Launch Party Pictures    ·    April 4th, 2006

53 Responses to “Krucial Keys.Com Launch Party Pictures”

  1. Donna Says:


  2. Dime Says:

    krucial is a libra……woo .. so am I… but anyways this pic is soo beautiful they look so good to gether it bring tears to my eyes

  3. Camille Says:

    Are they dating? They look so good together! I would love to meet her too!

  4. Kaylah Says:

    Yes they are a couple…the “rumors” are true

  5. Brenda Goodwin Says:

    Just wanted to say to keep up the good work and please make it back to Houston, TX.
    Love ya,

  6. Mike Says:

    You have been my idol for more than a decade now, and now you’ve topped it off by doing something, no other africa-america singer had ever done. You’ve started a foundation to help Africa when you are still alive and gone to the effort to even go there and check out how it is working. Most people just throw, money and never find out how it is working. You have shown that you care, by going there… don’t realize it now, but 100 years from now, one of the kids you are helping will stand up and it will be because of your efforts. Bravo on such a great accomplishment in your life….a true gift for Africa from your heart.
    Your now EVEN bigger fan

  7. HEAVEN Says:

    OMGosh…they look wonderful…Alicia looks beau-ti-ful and Krucial looks hand-som…they make a wonderful couple…Alicia u r my role model gurl…maybe someday I will meet u…love ya gurl:-)

  8. HEAVEN Says:

    I 4got 2 say I love Alicia’s braids Im getting some now.

  9. Kayla Says:

    Alicia Keys,

  10. Kayla Says:

    Alicia Keys,
    I have wrote u before. I am so glad dat u two r dating. U look so good together. U r a wonderfull couple. I wish u two luck on your relationship.

  11. Serena Chavez Says:

    I’m Alicia Keys #1 fan.I listen 2 her music, have alot of posters of her.She’s my idol.I hope i could meet her some day.I wish i could go 2 1 of her concerts if i ever have money.well that’s all i got to say and that she looks just like mycousin chachy.I love alicia keys’s music.I also want 2 learn how 2 play the piano.

  12. Alston A. Cumming Says:

    Happy day-after Easter.
    Suddenly, I feel like I’m in the constant state of going nowhere…

    We are all free. Follow your hearts to Exodus. It’s out there. Beyond the crowded streets and buzzing city lights.

    I can hear a good stand-up bass player giving the music of our lives a rare richness and beat.

    Pura Vida,

  13. [Serena] Says:

    i hate josie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Says:

    alicia keys look too good to be with that nigga!!!!

  15. Kitu Says:

    Hi Ms Alicia Keys, I am not too sure if you are still in South Africa,i know that you get a lot of these emails and at times you do not get a chance to read all of them.I ma just inquiring your involvement with raising funds for Africa and the kind of organisations you work with,reason is i am currently assisting the African Children Feeding Scheme in raising funds for the centres they have and was wondering if you could help in anyway,the ACFS WOULD APPRECIATE SO MUCH.Thank you, i must say you look beautifull in braids and otherwise,your music is phenomenal,your genuinity exudes without words.Kitu

  16. co-co Says:

    Hi,Alicia Keys!!!!!!
    Just wanted 2 say that I love and admire u so much.U r my idol and I want 2 b just like u oneday.I love everything u do to outfits u wear 2 the hair on yo head.Just wanna let u know that I love u so,so,so much.1 time I was watching ur show even tho it wuz a repeat I cryed when my cuzo changed the channel.Love Ya hope 2 c u 1 day.

  17. co-co Says:

    o I 4got u n him look great 2gether.LOVE YA ur # 1 fan!!!!co-co

  18. sasha Says:

    hey alicia keys i just wanted to say that i love your music and that ur my favorite singer and u inspired me and everytime i feel sad i listen to your songs and i got all your cd’s well ttyl ok bye

    ur biggest fan

  19. Tanisha Says:

    HEy alicia you are so pretty to me you are my #1 idole i have you on every website i am on i have you mostley on and on black planet i love all you music imy favorite one is if i aint got you and you are pretty on your pic your#1 fan TAnisha i lived to sing to i would love to meet you one day

  20. Tanisha Says:

    i meant i love to sing i love your style you do all your music from your piano love#1 fan

  21. ITOBORE Says:

    Alicia Key,
    Gurl u Know i luv you ur my favorite singer in the whole wide world ur hair always looks nice love you always

  22. Alicia-biggest-fan Says:


  23. Jasmine Smith Says:

    Dear Alicia,
    I love you and your music and your song.You is a poeple that I truely look up to and I just would like to be like you one day.I just want to be like you.I already learned how to play the panio.So,I will keep pray for you and just keep your head up.And May The Lord Continue To Bless You.BUT YOU JUST NEED TO COME TO MONTOGOMERY;BUT DON’T FORGET TO KEEP YOUR HEAD YOU.

  24. Cheyenne Says:

    hey alicia i know u get messages like this all the time i would kill if i got the chance to meet you i hope you continue to suceed in your music. your my biggest inspireration. you are my biggest idol your music cheers me up all the time and you are so good at what you do. I LOVE YOU.
    from your number 1 fan cheyenne carter

  25. ashley kelly Says:

    Ha Alicia you and Kerry look soooooo happy together and I hope that both of you are. Alicia you are so gorgeous what more can I say you’re braids are phenomenal big ups to you’re hairstylist. I love you very much and I know that one day I will meet you. God Bless.

  26. ameli Says:

    alicia, i love you from the bottom of my heart. you are every young woman or girl’s role model. personally, there are hardly any women celebrities i honestly don’t look up to. too many get caught up in that mess when they get famous. since you came into the industry, i felt a very strong positive vibe from your presence and demeanor. you have no idea how much your sincerity exudes through your presence when you perform, and talk. gosh, i love you soooo much, alicia. you are the only role model i look up to in the entertainment industry. it takes alot for someone to fill that shoe. you rock, and i honestly feel that your talent is just barely unraveling. man oh man…. i feel sorry for the rest of your current, fellow female r&b predecessors. they are in for a run for their money that they’d literally have to take their clothes off to vibe magazine or something. muaaaah ah ha!! just kidding. but no really, i honestly feel they’re gonna get a big ‘ol double slap in the face when your talent outshines theirs WITHOUT ANY CLOTHES OFF. whatever you do alicia, CONTINUE TO KEEP YOUR CLOTHES. THAT’S WHAT MAKES YOU DIFFERENT FROM THE REST OF THEM—-YOU ARE THE DEFINITON OF A WOMAN THAT RELIES ON INTEGRITY, INTELLECT, AND RAW TALENT FOR YOUR SUCCESS. go head girl!!! do yo thing!!! we love you here in hawaii!!!! don’t forget about us hawaiians!!!!


    HI Alicia keys

  28. Ramona Fields Says:

    I don’t care how many people say they r your biggest fan cuz it don’t matter 2 me how many fans u got I am one of your biggest fans u have out their i’m tellin u!!!Every concert u have I go to.I write 2 your fan club every chance I get.U have inspired me to do so many things like playing piano and singing and just so many other things.your posters are all over my wall and I listen to all the albums u have made every single day.I love u and your music so much.please i’m begging u don’t quit what u r doing unless u really really really have to your music brings so much joy into peoples hearts plus it makes me so happy to know that u are somewhere out their working hard to please not only your fans but U.what more could u ask 4 in an idol u r the best!!!!!!!U r my favorite singer and my only idol and always will be.What I admire about u is that u r different from other singers.U r unique your voice and your piano playing is so beautiful it touches my heart.What I love about your live performances and concerts r they r fun and pretty and unique at the same time.I also love the outfits u have and I love the way u have your hair it’s so pretty.this message is coming from my heart and their is just no other way I can tell u how much I look up to u.

  29. marelin king Says:

    hola alicia espero ke me puedas entender ya ke yo no hablo tu idioma pero me gusta tu musica y ke bueno k todo te esta saliendo bien Ke DIos te guarde y t ayude siempre

  30. Amber Banks Says:

    Hey Alicia keys my toghter Amber loves you soo much and every time we going somewhere peoples allways say she looks like you she is 8 years old and she is a very lovely fan of you and she wants to meet you very bad she wish to meet you she also been at your concert at the reliant stadium in houston at the rodeo. With all here love hobe to meet you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Amber Banks Says:

    hi aliciakeys that is what my mom said.i listen to your songs every day and watch the video that be up inside the cd case and i like the way you dress i have a dream about you every time i go to sleep your my best singer in the howl wild world and every concert you have i go to and if you want me to take piano lesson i will i want to meet you very very bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Amber Banks Says:

    hi aliciakeys it is amber agian i forgot to say i like all of your songs and videos very very much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. siphiwe Says:

    luv yah girl,i think tha world of you.u know wat don’t u think its tym u showed people dat u can also do tha raunchy video thang & beat them at it.i mean u’v already achieved tha respect u deserve…

  34. Sarafina Bassett Says:

    Hey girl I never thought i would be able to write to you but here I am wow you and krucial look good together I hope this relationshiop lasts for a long time I am hoping to see you walk into the next B.E.T awards wih him just to let you know I love you so much and my cousin wants to be just like you me and her we both love to play the piano and sing OMG bye write to you later………

  35. Fatima Says:

    hey girl you guys look so horrible together ewwwww krucial is so like totaly UGLY no no no Double UGLY no no no Triple UGLY no no no i dont even know the next UGLY see ya hope to meet you some day……

  36. emerald Says:

    Looks don’t mean everything but he is defintly not what i thought he’d be. Certenly don’t look good with alicia keys. I pictured a man as sexy as Tyrese or something. He’s not bad but he’s someone that when a woman like me sees him she’d say he’s fine i want him and damn girl you have one hell of a fine soilder. In my eyes he’s no killer man for an image but alicia must see something special in him so it really don’t matter it’s an image but i have to tell ya’ll he looks much more older then her maybe like 37 maybe even forty. You go alicia do your thing keep it real.

  37. Mirna Says:

    Hi Alicia: hey I’m writing from Boston,Ma.. I just want to say that I love your music.. and the videos 2!!..congratulations in your carrer.

  38. geridem Says:


  39. geridem Says:

    Alicia I’M Your 1 fan I really really want you come to Bulgaria
    I will be #1 on your concert here
    OMG you are verry verry beuty Your voice your face I like everything in you I LOVE YOU ALICIA PLEASE write me on

  40. geridem Says:

    HI ALICIA I’m Geri again but i really really like you Now i’m in Dobrich,Bulgaria here is 10:54 o’clock Please write me. My dream is to meet you and take a autograph from you

  41. Goergia Says:

    she looks to good to be with that nigga.Got that right.Anyway How old i wonder is this fool? he looks like he may be able to pass as a family member yo

  42. aubin siewe Says:

    Alicia i love all your song.i want you to come to Cameroun.write me on

  43. Says:

    Alicia, I love your fresh new looking braids on this picture.

  44. micmouse Says:

    oh what a night!! hey sure to check out her and Krucial’s latest blogs, behind the scene videos, and everything in between at
    and dont forget to check out the site and head over to the message boards to say hey..never know who may drop by ;-)

  45. Raquel Says:

    Hie Alicia I just wanna say I’m one of your biggest fana ever.

  46. Elsy Says:

    Alicia!!!!…she is the best, from east to the west hehe…just want to say that I look up to you and you’re my Idol…you are the best…keep on doing that you do…cant wait til you come back to Toronto, we have mad luv for you Keys…

  47. kc from dc Says:

    I think your the hottest singer, song writer on the know life gets in the way but your music inspired me to play my french horn again.I hear classical all through your music I think thats why I get so much pleasure in listning.thank you

  48. kristina english Says:

    Hi Alicia just wanted to give you a shout.there’s really nothing i can say that hasn’t already been said.But i do have respect for you! IF there’s one thing i could say to you it would be STAY THE SAME! Iknow the chances of you actually receiving this message is way to slim for me to get my hopes up so i will bring this to an end.p.s i think you are real and i can’t really say that about any of the other sistas in the industry.p.s. make sure that brother remains a gentlemen!accept nothing less!10-4

  49. Kay Says:


    This is the first time I’ve ever posted a compliment to any American singers. I’m the fan from Thailand, I’m not sure you’ve ever heard about my country but I wished you come some days. You’re the first black singer I’ve ever loved for musics and lyrics especially “If i ain’t got you”. It makes me feel that if you really love someone, you would have the same feelings as it’s written in this song. I just want to tell you, keep up on creating new good songs.Many people appreciate what you do!

  50. Amirreau Says:

    Alicia, thank you so much for igniting my inner fire to go back to fulfilling my aspirations in life! I’ve wasted a lot of time living an unproductive life with anything and everything negative you see in society. When I lost everything, my life was dreary until your song IIAGY came out. It gave me so much hope, inspiration, and courage to endure my trials. Now, I’m a living witness of my successes in life because of your incredible talent to inspire & motivate individuals to move mountains towards their fullest potential. I don’t mean to disrespect Beyonce but, you are by far more influential than her by your demonstrated efforts of your generosity to improving society, warmth, sincerity, and pure motives for your contributions. You are by far one of the few strongest, positive female role models for young women today in the entertainment industry (in my opinion). At this day in age, women need to be reminded that their worth, value, and respect is highly regarded for the sake of a better world in the future. Alicia’s positive influence IS what these women need now. Thank you so much Alicia for blessing us with your incredible talents! I love God for inspiring you to be who you are for so many of us who are in need of direction!! You’re one of a kind!

  51. marquis Says:

    she does look very good.

  52. alicias#1fannumba1 Says:

    alicia i love ur music your are my role model and i love you so much i would love to see one of your concerts in fayetteville n.c. id be the first one there and also you look so cute with that guy.

  53. Says:

    Congradulations on your last albums success. You have proven yourself to be one of the greats, and serve as an insperation for millions. Personally you have inspired me to write many new songs, god willing one day when all the stars are aligned in my favor you will hear them. Its a very slim chance you will remember my name now but hopefully in the future you will hear of me. ( still prayin for you ) peace& love!

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