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Grammy Nominations.    ·    December 5th, 2008

Am not very pleased with the Grammy nominations this year for the first time i really think Grammy is not been fair. Alicia keys was nominated for only three grammy after a very successful year with her best work As i Am which has pieces that should have been nominated eg Like you will never see me again. And superwoman should have been nominated for song/record of the year. I think the just sat and said AK has 11 grammy so lets give it to other people and add spice to the show. All the same Alicia keys was nominated for Best rnb song for Superwoman, Best short video for Another way to Die and Best Pop vocal performance for Lesson learned with John Mayer.

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  1. Daniel White Says:


    My name iz Daniel White. I am an 18 year old young man from Denver, CO. I am absolutely amazed by you, your talent, your beauty, and your performance. I saw u in concert here in Denver at the Wells Fargo Theatre on September 17th n you wouldnt believe wat went through me when u performed your greatest song of all time… No One. Your voice in that song is amazing and the notes u hit and the kind of vocals u use r just out of this world. I sing your song every day but just know I will never possess the ability 2 sing certain parts of your song. U r an amazing singer and pianist. I myself love 2 play the piano. I have been playing 4 the last couple years. You are an amazing pianist, and your ability to scale the keys wit such grace as u hit notes dat i have never heard other singers hit i jus fall in love wit u and your beautiful amazing music. I m really sorry about the death of your grandmother Ms. Keys n want to congratulate u on the completion of your album irregardless of the struggle with which u were pushing through. You are a strong, amazing, marvelously beautiful, out-of-this-world talented, marvelous young lady and if I could lead a life the way u have lead yours I couldn ask 4 much else. I love to sing and play the piano, and I jus fall into amazement and awe as I watch your videos and listen 2 u sing and play. U r truly an amazing person Alicia. Not to mention that half the artists today cant even write their own music. Ha ha. I mean, rap is ku, but itz amazin how all they can do is o ya bust a flow all fazt and it soundz all tyte, 2 bad someone elze wrote it 4 u, n u da one standin on stage wit all da fame. Ha ha. I would love 2 be a famous musician. Who knows wat destiny holds. But I would never write a song n let someone elze take da credit n I would never let someone write a song 4 me. Alicia Keys u write, sing, play, and perform some of the most amazing and beautiful music of the modern time. U r truly a wonderful amazing person and musician Alicia Keys, n if I ever get the chance 2 meet u in person I would be so full of amazement.. i would probably fall over n die … he he na not dat bad… but it would be da most awesome thing in the world I couldnt ask for anything beyond that he he. Who knows wat destiny holds. Well god bless u Ms. Keys and may he watch over your grandmothers soul in his kingdom. God bless u as u tour da world performing your amazing music 4 all ears 2 hear and all eyez 2 see… im sure there hasn been a single soul 2 leave one of your concerts n not be in total amazement :) u r amazing alicia, god bless u, and may he lead u 2 greater n greater things always and forever :)

  2. Says:

    Nice post. Thank you for the info. Keep it up.

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