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Free iPod Nano / iPod Video

November 25th, 2005

Feel like an iPod for Christmas?. Well with the above offer from a company called “freepay” you can now get an iPod for Free and it’s 100% legit and legal.

Simply select the iPod you want, sign up to a trial from a company, such as dvd rentals (many are free, and you can cancel your subscription right away and still get your ipod!), and then get a few friends to do the same, and the ipod is yours!.

Sounds too good to be true?, I thought the same, so I looked into it and it is real, with no catches. If you are unsure, read the “Press” (Freepay offer has been in the news) or the “Testimonials” page. I wouldn’t post this up unless I knew it was 100% real.

Click here to register for your free ipod

Already have an iPod, or just fancy a free digital Camera instead?, or both!? Then click here for the Free Digital Camera offer.

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