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Diary phone #    ·    August 4th, 2004

Imagine getting several calls a day from fans trying to talk to their favorite pop star. To make matters worse, the fans say R&B sensation Alicia Keys is the one who told them to call your number. That’s what’s happening to one Statesboro couple.

The turners say they get at least 20 calls a day, some even in the middle of the night. And they say this Alicia Keys song is a little off-key, hitting the wrong note in their home.

For retired minister Julius Turner, this instant fame has been nothing short of a nightmare. “I have to put the phone off the hook to get some sleep,” he told us.

Since the Grammy award winning singer’s song “Diary” hit the pop charts, the Turners’ phone has been ringing off the hook with people trying to talk to her.

But fans are just doing what they’re told. The lyrics tell listeners to call a number that happens to match the Turners’.

“I told them Alicia doesn’t live here and that’s what I’ve been telling them for a long time,” said Julius.

While some fans just hope to talk to the star, others leave their rendition of the hit song the Turners don’t even want to hear on their answering machine. “All I want is to do is try to get it stopped,” said Julius.

He says he never heard of Alicia Keys until she made his digits famous, and he adds his becoming a fan of hers isn’t too likely. “If she came up with something to get that number off, I’ll be her fan,” he told us.

The Tuners plan on getting in touch with Alicia Keys’ management to take care of this problem, but for now they just hope all this attention dies down. WTOC did learn that if you call 347 .489.4608, there is an Alicia Keys recording on the other end.

Reported by: Hena Daniels,

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5 Responses to “Diary phone #”

  1. hope Says:

    This is hope and i love alicia keys’ voice.I sound kinda like her and if you peeps every get a chance to talk to her in real life please remember the name hope and tell her im love her and im the next alicia keys and that when i try out for american idol in 2014 i want her to watch me win!!!!!!!!!!!!ps give her my email address!!!!!!!

  2. LaTorria Liashae Young Says:

    Hi i love you.My name i LaTorria Liashae Young>i am your biggest fan.

  3. neveah Says:

    i am the biggest fan im 16 and i jus want to see u and meet u
    ilive in milwuakee wisconsin
    come show miltown some luv

  4. mikol Says:

    i just adore Alicia J Augello-Cooke(keys). she is my idol i love her

  5. mikol Says:

    come to mobay some time again please

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