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Another post from Alicia    ·    July 31st, 2002

Alicia felt like writin I guess, this one was a long one :-) SO her it is:

Tue July 30, 2002 2:35:32 PM
It happened AGAin!!!!:-(
its a conspiracy, but its cool, I’m ova it!GEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZ!!!



I’m back, I know yesterday was really short but I sat down to write and the time just got away from me and then I had to leave, sO i figured alil was better than nothing, but now here we are. I don’t know what in the world is trying to stop me from writting but dammit! it won’t work! I’m not with things tryng to get in my way anyway!

2nite, is the first nite of 2 in Cali at the Greek theater…I’m extremely excited because the 2 shows before this
one in Las Vegas, nevada, which was great, a beautiful theater wit purple seats i will never forget
and the one b4 that in Pheonix, which was HOT in MAny ways:-)go head yall!! were both indoor theaters.

But tonite were back in amphitheaters which are truly my favorite! I mean its just a vibe thang, something about being outside, feeling the summer wind, watching the sunset, its just enchanting to me….So tonite is On :-)

Before Phenoix was Texas and Oh my GOOOd ness!!! it was So Hot that I thought I was melting! I promise you I was sticking to everything, my clothes, the piano bench, evn my hat… was to funny and yall were LIVE !!!! I loved it

What was before then? Atl yea,

It was beautiful, the way it was set up, candles and people bringing there own baskets of food, it was like a picnic under the moon and stars, gorgeous!!! even looking out from the stage and seeing the sea of swimming lights was soothing!!! and after the apple juice and the wine settled in it was a str8 party party party!!! I’m an apple juice gurllll myself but I beautiful nite it was!

Before that was all east coast,and I was having hometown fun! I loved it! Homedell, jers , jones beach (THat was truly a thrill), Altantic City, (we had a BAll wit the fan club), and Camden/Philly Which was OFF THE CAHIN!!! that nite it was raining, I mean POURING all day long and it was an outside venue! The whole time I’m like my poor babys out there are going to be soaked!, so since the whole stage was wet tooo, whn I went onstage I thru on my sneakers(U betta believe it!:-)) the last thing I needed to do was bust my Booty, I mean I already did that on the slip and slide:-) and one time is ENUF!:-) but we had a ball and thankfully the rain stopped.

that pretty much brings us to 2day and all that follows.

U know what Ive been vibin on lately?

Just living each day to the FULLEST, Enjoying it, in all its splender, its downfalls, its joys and it’s pains beacuse each one is a reminder of all that we posess inside, all the sides that make us who we are, and just how much we are the masters of our destiny, as hard as that is to believe sumtimes, it is so true! U can be Anything in this whole universe! if God created it, it can be had….and to me, thats every reason to live, and be thankful for the life we are given……….to live in the present and recognize the present that it is……….whatta gift we all have!!!!

I really am gonna work on getting the list of dates that are going on in Europe………I can’t wait to go and do Some HOT SHOWS!!!!! This will officially be my first time touring over there and Oh mAn I can’t wait!!!What an experience, so i’ll work on that.

lastly, (believe it or not:-))

I appreciate all your comments, even about the things that may make you uncomfortable, or surprize you, or shock you, or howeverit makes you feel………….to me thats the beauty of self expression…….it is all ones’ own, noone can say that u are right or worng for feeling the things you feel or for following your heart or even your impulses(Im talking within reason of course) and as we explore and discover what we like and don’t like, tolerate and wont, it leads us to a closer understanding of just where we stand in the world, but MORE importantly in our OWN induvidual lives………..
I try to honor, what my heart tells me and then at least at the end of the night when it’s only me, my pillow and my dreams, I can sleep soundly and if , for some reason I can’t………then its time to make a change!!!!

To life, to understanding, to the search!!!

Spread luv

A. Keys

p.s. the only way you know its officially me is if its here!

pps. Many thanks for all your support and votes and enthusiasm! Y’all are the BEST!!!

Voila, now I posted once too :-p

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  1. Kayla Rose Says:

    I love Alicia. She is my inspiration and even though she doesnt know me she is my hero. She is the one who got me throught the hard time and I love her for that. (Love like a sista)!

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