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This was already posted on teh fourm, but it also belongs here so… Here you go

Wed December 11, 2002 4:27:02 PM
My Family,

I’m back, I’m back,….. I’m back, I’m back!
Yes Yes
It’s good to b home, lemme rephrase…..It’s GREAT to b home!!!! Its like coming back into my own skin. Seeing the places I’ve always seen. The streets I’ve always walked, the faces Ive missed so much. It’s an amazing realization!
I’d like to think I’m a woman of the world, in the sense that everywhere Ive been blessed to go this year, I feel like it has become a part of me. It has been molded somehow into my heart and engraved in my memory.
The whole time I was over seas, I was simply just living in the moment; enjoying it as much as a could, wanting to take in all that I could, knowing that if, God forbid, the world ended, I could go knowing that I didn’t go half ass, knowing that I did all I was able to. I Honestly Loved being overseas!!! The love was ever-flowing. I never once (thankfully) felt out of place, or that hole in ur heart that u feel when u feel unsure or alil scared or like u don’t fit, not at all!! Thats why I can say I am a woman of the world, because this is the type of embrace u gave me….Thank u!

But I’m back, oh yes
back to terrorize New York Citaaay!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAA! and it’s great to be home!

I officially landed on friday, but the whole time I was in the airport on my way home I was pacing like a caged animal. I must have had the silliest grin on my face. I talked to everyone I saw, sayin lil remarks in jest, or ,”goodmornin how ya feelin today?” Most of the folk had to think something was wrong with me, but I didn’t care, my joy could not be contained, or boxed up for the next man or woman…. so I just let it run free!
When the plane landed we all screamed and clapped making sooooo much noise.

The time in New York was alil after 2pm… my head the time was somewhere between 8 and 11pm, thanks to bouncing around time zones for the past 3 months, but my energy was so high! I got my bags and went right to my nana’s crib, couldn’t even go drop my bags off, had to go see her and get some long needed TLC, nana style…..I stayed awhile just catching up, took alil nap, str8 doin the family thing, my heart was swelling….there is nothing more precious, nothing more valuable than what is real…that love that u cannot touch but u sure can feel…..that is a true millionare!

I headed back to the crib round 9pm just breathed in the mess of it and smiled cuz even tho it looked like Sh*t it is mine, and no hotel can compare….
Started working on an arrangement I did for the Kennedy Center Honors which was offically my last performance until the next album, and although I just got home, I wanted to do it….It is a song that I really feel represents all that is going on in the world and that is going on in our lives just as humans, plus it’s a song that Paul Simon wrote(and I truly admire a songwriter with depth and longevity such as he) He was one of the people being honored…to me this was an honor to even be asked to attend let alone perform and I wanted to do it my way:-)
Once I got it how I wanted it, I went to sleep… MY bed, with MY pillows and slept peacefully!

On Sat. I rested and lounged (WOW! haven’t done that in awhile) and prepared to leave for DC on Sunday.
The day of the show was amazing! It really commemorated some extraordinary performers and their imput in the world….people like James Earl Jones, Paul Simon, Chita Rivera, Liz taylor, Sydney Portier, Steve Martin, Laurence Fishbourne,Angela Basset, Colin Powell and so many more were there, I was looking to my right and my left like what the F*ck???? it was pretty crazy, but VERY inspiriational. really.

I drove home that night and In my bed asked myself was I even there today? it almost felt like a dream. I was honored to play Bridge over troubled water in front of all those people for Mr. Paul Simon.

But now this chapter closes….and it is only one of many in a long and special book that together we are writing. This cahpter holds some of the dearest memorioes of my life!!! and I will NEVER EVER forget it! I am so excited about the next chapter, all that is in store, all that there is to do and learn and most importantly, discover….about ourselves, our minds, our hearts.

Ive learned so much, and can only search for more…..let the search continue

United we stand, my family

love always and forever


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