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Alicia’s New Post    ·    September 27th, 2002

Fri September 27, 2002 9:55:00 AM
Greetings from Holland,

Man oh Man, I made it safe and sound! Actually ive been here for about 5 days. I took a 7 and ahalf hour flight from Ny to paris then hopped on my Bus and drove 5 hours form Paris to Belgium and after a short 12 hours:-) I was here, in Europe. Gotta give thanks to the most high for allowing all the traveling mercies.

I am SOoooooooo happy to be here! we only had one day to set up for the show which is the shortest time weve ever had, when I say set up I mean making sure the lights are right and the timing is right, making sure the sound is good and the levels are proper, making sure the moves are correct, like when my pianos are moved on and off stage etc…. but it was cool cause I’ve simplyfied the show some, made it more intimate, more one on one, so me and you can be up close and personal! I’m feelin the changes, I like how it’s evolved the show!

Soooo that leads us up to the first show in Brussels…..I looked at the place when i walked in, when it was all empty, and i said,” Man, thats Alot of seats!!!”:-) mind you, i’ve never been in Brussels, so i wasn’t sure what to expect, all I knew was that I was gonna give em a show they Couldn’t forget!!!
So as the day proceeds, and i’m getting ready, focusin’, all that. We have our prayer and it was beautiful everyone was ready to hit! Freak and Iroc come back from doin thier thing and said, “ohh yea, it’s poppin out there!!!!”
so here we go walking down the backstage hall, my energies rising(good thing i used degree LOL)and I hear the crowd and Oh my greatness it was SERIOUS!!!! all 8000 people were ready to ROCK WIT ME!!!! So out I go, and on it was!!!! the show was so amazing! the energy was so high! the vibe was sooo right!! and I will come back to belgium Anytime!!!!
after the show we hit the bus and hit the road and came to one of my FAVORITE cities…..Amsterdam!
I guess amsterdam intrigues me so much becuase of how liberal it is, there are laws everywhere else that just simply dont exist here, when we arrived I had to walk around, I always love to get the vibe of the different places i’m in. I walked for about an hour in the rain, just strolling and watching. My internal clock is all twisted so I can barely sleep at the times i’m supposed to and more than ready to sleep when I’m supposed to be wide awake:-) but after about a week that will change.
So the next day we had a day on the town….and an interesting one it was to say the least:-)!!! only in Amsterdam, I used to think that I could only say that about New York…..
the show here was excellent! one thing I have to say about Amsterdam is that they were one of the first European cities to really embrace me and so Everytime I come I feel the love!!! I appreciate them greatly for that, and so I especially wanted to give them my all for that! we rocked hard and guess what, were gonna do it even HARDER tonite!!!!! Yall ready????!!!!!

I was reading the boards as i often do and i was able to see how my american side was asking the european side to take care of me, and how the european side was telling the american side that they would treat me good and send me home safe……….I really appreciate the fact that you all care about my well being that much, I feel that its truly genuine and that means more to me than all the gold in the world! u all are very special, and I will alwyas keep u close to my heart!

I have to get outta here, cause i’m already alil late..Oooooohhhhhhhhh:-)
lets kill em tonite!

love, Always!!!!


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