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Alicia’s New Post    ·    October 20th, 2002

Sun October 20, 2002 12:08:24 PM
Im here in Madrid, I have to get ready for the show so I don’t have much time. but I feel something that I have to say. Excuse my lack of small talk before getting right to the point!

I truly believe that you can be beautiful, you can be sexy, you can be sensual, you can be attractive, and you can be classy and be covered from head to toe. To me beauty is in your heart, it is in the way you carry yourself, it is in the mystic and the mystery u hold, that exudes from your eyes, it really has nothing to do with anything physical, that is the misconception. That is the trap that is laid to try to make us as beautiful women, fall into the wrong path. that is the deception. it is the trap set for all my stong men to destract you to only look at the physical when really it is all mental. Who doesn’t want a woman that can intrigue you with their intelligence and lure you with the mind, that is real beauty. It is all mental!!

Be sexy because your smart, beacuase you stand for something, because you’re not like everyone else, not because you’ve shown every piece and every side of your body and every angle of you booty:-)…..cause then your not special, youve simply reduced yourself to an object of adornment. BE MORE!!!! and always draw your own conclusions…lets break away from the cycle of followers!!!!

I’ll write soon, I had to get that out
write to me, tell me what your thinking…..
one love, My FAM!!!


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One Response to “Alicia’s New Post”

  1. lucinda Says:

    I wanna add to your blog. Its that what u sayin and its what’s in your heart. Where I’m from, females show ass to get some attention from men because they don’t think they’re beautiful enough. Family don’t be teaching their children how wonderful they really are and in return turn to the street to show them love. I agree yes we need to differentiate ourselves but sometimes it doesn’t help because people don’t know their beauty. Also when you said its in your eyes….it is. For example, I think your eyes self explains your beauty. You can see your heart through your eyes and its so attracting and enduring.

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