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Alicia’s latest diary posts    ·    September 29th, 2004

Sep 23, 2004 04:13 PM

Oh yea, one more thing

I LOVED the book! It is beautiful and soooo kind of all of you to send such warmth out here to me on this cold road.;-) Ya’ll are so thoughtful and the way the book is put together is sooo creative. ( I love the cover!)
There’s no one like you!
thank you


Sep 23, 2004 04:00 PM

So here I am, half way across the world. I still can’t believe it! My body is toooooo confused. LOL! Right now it is 3:42 AM in China, 3:42 pm in New York, and 12:42 pm in L.A where I just was before coming to China so you can see why my body is looking at me like, “huh?”

It took us 12 hours to fly here. One of the longest flights I’ve ever taken. But some of my crew left from NY and that is a 16-hour flight. Wow! But I have to say, long flight or not, I am ecstatic about being here! About going to Malaysia and Indonesia, and Hong Kong, and Japan, and Australlia and New Zealand, and there’s more but I can’t think of them right now. But I’m just like, how does this happen? How does the music swim so far across so many oceans and so many cultures and so many languages? How does it bring us together like this in such a heavenly way? That’s why I KNOW GOD is in the music. There is no other explanation!

Today I went to this place called the Forbidden City, where the Ming Dynast Ruled. It’s incredible to go to these places and imagine what it was like in the days that they existed. These are whole huge places with beautiful designs and intention, Grandeur to the point of conceit. But this was a way of life, culture and tradition and belief like no other that lasted thousands and thousands of years. It’s amazing.
I close my eyes and try to picture life then

Tomorrow is the first trip I make to the Great Wall of China. I can’t wait to see it. Imagine all of those many hands building ONE wall! Can you imagine? All of those many people coming together to create that one, long, huge barrier, It’s unbelievable almost. Those are the things that make us more powerful than we ever think. Those are the things that show us the greatness of our collective unity. Those are the reasons we’re created in God’s likeness. We so so so special. And if you are ever unsure, think of this!

It is late here
I’m going to get some rest for
Talk to you soon

Much respect
Ak, from the other side of the world

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