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Alicia says she’s discovering her sexual side    ·    April 13th, 2008

Alicia Keys, 28, tells Blender magazine that she’s hit the studio and has recorded her “most sexual song yet.

“I’m discovering my sexual side,” she says. “I recorded this song … it’s so sensual, it moves you.”

So sensual, her manager even told her, “We do not record songs like this!”

Dubbing herself “the best wall builder that ever lived,” Keys also opened up about a breakdown she had following her fast rise to fame.

“I was hanging off the edge of a cliff,” she says. “Something had to give, or I was gonna lose my mind.”

Keys’ depression resulted in “dark, weird” music, her manager says.

Source: Hip Hop Elements

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9 Responses to “Alicia says she’s discovering her sexual side”

  1. naya Says:

    i agree a 100% with her and she has a strong point.

  2. naya Says:

    well it’s good to show that every once and a while

  3. naya Says:

    i mean i do every once and a while
    but not to sexual.

  4. Bonnie Says:

    this will be interesting…it’s a new side that we shall learn to love. what can i say…she’s lovable! she’s my star. i <3 Alicia Keys!

  5. Steff Says:

    Alicia I love you if you want to discover, just discover. I’m here for you hell we can discover together.

  6. Says:

    Every woman has a soft side to them and hearing alicia keys album As I Am is very soft,alittle R&B,and i like it.I have a soft side to me as well but it’s not sexual.I’m just comfortable with who i am in my skin.It’s ok to shed alittle of skin every once in awhile.Congratz to alicia

  7. bianca Says:

    Ilove her the way she is:)so sweetand beautiful like angel
    I don’t like went they say bad thinks about her:)she is the best:)

  8. bianca Says:

    I’m gonna c her in concierto soon:)in santa barbara:)I can’t way to c her:)she is my angel:)I love her:)

  9. Kieria Says:

    so… whats the name of the song?

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