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ALICIA POSTED YALL!!!    ·    September 7th, 2002

Fri September 6, 2002 2:52:56 AM
Peace yall,

Im home, finally home. It may just be for a short time but to see my gritty city and my messy lil crib is a thrill like no otha:-)
The tour was so great, and I learned so much and had a truly unforgettable summer 2002 with ya’ll. really, its something I will remember for years to come! I wanna thank you for being apart and sharing it with me.
I was on the baords reading and vibin with yall. Yall are tooooo silly! I have fun reading whats on your mind, first of all how did you get those flicks of tonite so fast??? and I see how some of yall weren’t diggin my jets jersey and my Afro Puffs in those flicks LOL! All good, I apprecaite the honesty, but I tell you what, I HAD MAAADD FUN!
U shoulda seen me today, whilin out, talkin bout, ” me and my puffs are ready to rock!!!”
For me, thats what its about. I’m not out here, tryna be like everybody else, HELL NO! sometimes I like to do the unexpected, I LOVE To take chances, I LOVE to push the limits, I LIVE for that Shit. Aint no fun if were all clones of the next man, or woman……….me…..I wanna be an induvidual, and lemme jus say ” dont fear the unknown, or the undone.”
Be YOU! do YOU! and then you can never say that you wasted your time living in others cages of expectations…..
Your potential is limitless, dont settle, jus cause it’s comfortable!
That has nothing and everything to do with the green shirt!!:-)

Sat i’m headed to london for a quick radio show, Oh man I miss london and I know were gonna have a ball!
then we begin the eurpoean side of the tour on the 21st……….
OHHHHH YEAAAAA lets take it to the other side:-) can’t wait to experience everyone over the seas of my familiar…were gonna rock jus like how we rocked here. I’m thinking of flippin the show, jus alittle, so ull get some brand new things……….u ready? cuz i sho am!

Listen, its been a minute, but its always good when we reconnect……

may this find you finding yourself

One love


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