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Alicia posted in her diary!    ·    May 31st, 2005

May 30, 2005 07:43pm

Heeeeellllloooooooooooooo out there!!!!!
What’s good?

Everything is good for me on this side because I’m HOME!!!! and I am soooo excited to have finished such an amazing tour! an unbelievable album run! and just experiencing so much about myself and life! and I made it!!!!! 1 year and a half on the road and I’m still standing strong and feeling great!
to be home is like the most exhilarating feeling!
My bed, my sheets, my pillow, my kitchen, my couch, my slippers, my own space…..
of all the places I’ve been to, theres nothing like being home.

How can I begin to explain all that has gone on? from the amazing concerts that we rocked out to together, to the legendary weekend in Santa Barabara with Ms. Oprah and some of the most amazing woman I’ve only dreamed of meeting and talking to all being in one room, to traveling all over the world, to going to schools with FTGU and really touching and talking to people and being involved in something special, to this upcoming pilgrimage that I’m doing with KCA…theres so much. Where do I begin?

I think I’m having sensory overload:-)
(in a good way)

And that’s why it’s such an incredible feeling to just be able to be here, on my couch, with no where to go, for the first time in so long and just talk to you…

So what’s been up? I know ya’ll have been growing so much and going through soo many different things and experiences and now that summer is coming doesn’t it feel so good? Just to know that the weather is going to be nice, and all the summer days and nights yet to feel.

I’m telling you, booooyyyeeeee this summer I’m gonna have fun! I’m going to go to museums and photo galleries, I’m gonna go swimming and to the beach, I’m gonna visit family I haven’t seen and cousin’s I haven’t hung out with in a while, I’m gonna barbQ, and play cards, I’m gonna take long drives with all the windows down blasting my favorite songs, I’m going to be me in a way I haven’t been able to in a while since we’ve been on the grind for so long!
I guess you can tell I’m excited:-)

Anyway, this is just the beginning of all the talking and communication that we’re gonna be able to have, cause I’m HOME!!!!!

peace to the fam, and one love for ALL the love that you constantly give! Ya’ll are my rocks, my foundation, my peeps, my family!! And my appreciation for you runs deep.
Talk to you soon friends…..

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2 Responses to “Alicia posted in her diary!”

  1. naya Says:

    hi alicai i love all your songs and most of all i love you the most you are my inspiration because you are a positive role model for me and everything. i just wanted to tell you that you are my rock because you hold it down. i will never desert you and you are beautiful and talented and your just my favorite singer. you inspire me to be a singer and follow my dreams i am you biggest fan i am going to dedicate a note book to you with all you achivements and everything. so have a nice time in your home and relax you deserve it.

  2. naya Says:

    sorry i spelled you name wrong. hi alicia

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