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Alicia posted in her diary…    ·    November 28th, 2004

Honestly, I haven’t written for a while because I was trying to get over the games cats was playing about the death of that young lady. I didn’t think that was funny. In fact, there always will come a time when people want to take advantage of your sincerity. Feel me when I say that shit wasn’t cute! But I know that didn’t represent everyone, and one monkey don’t stop no show!

Anyway moving on….far, far away.

Getting home for the holidays is a BEAUTIFUL feeling!!! Can’t even describe it. I got home on Tuesday night from an amazing day in Chi-town, and I’ve been doing my best to relax ever since.
Seeing the faces that I love, eating great food. I played more scrabble in these last two days than in my entire life. I never thought I liked it like that, but hey, now I know! And I stay getting beaten by 10 year olds! It’s pretty pathetic, but so cute!

I’ve had such a ball meeting you on another side with this book. I love the way you come to me with the pages of the poem that you like the best open. That makes me smile the biggest cheese. It amazes me to see the words that resonate within different people. I wonder sometimes, what way you are interpreting it, ya know? Like is it directly from a place in your life? Or are you picturing mine? I don’t know, but it’s interesting to think about. When I read Langston Hughes or someone that I love, I guess I kind of read into it both ways. What provoked him to write it and how he talks about my life in some way. I guess the reality is that anything we can relate to comes from the fact that it feels like something out of our life, our experience in one way or another. Right?

It’s been incredible to see you in this new light, through these words that continue to bind us together.

I have till Monday off, then off to Toronto for the Urban Aids concert. I can’t believe I haven’t been to Canada with this album yet. How did that happen? I love it up there, so I’m excited about going. This year has been unreal….and dammit, it ain’t done!

Well, just wanted to holla atcha. I know its been awhile.

Wishing you the best of the holidays, the goodness, the love, the family, the magic!

Giving thanks for every day.


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