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Alicia posted again    ·    August 2nd, 2004

Jul 31, 2004 04:13 am

I have a serious Staying-up-to-late problem
But before I go to bed I’m gonna answer some of those silly questions from a million years ago. LOL!

Do U like Rollercoaster’s?

When I was little I used to like anything except the ones that flipped around in the air. I am more of a water park kinda girl but now I love rollercoaster’s too. I get CRAZY nervous before it starts. That’s the thrill though, and there’s nothing like it!

Have u ever forgotten words on stage?

Yep! It’s pretty funny, cause while I’m singing I realize that I’m singing the wrong thing. Then by that time the crowd has helped me get back on track or I just start freestylin’

How long does it take you to sign fan club photos?

At the expense of legible handwriting I have become a human printing press! LOL

Are u afraid to be recognized at the bakery?

I’m not really the bakery type, but maybe I should get into it;-)

When are you coming to Denver?

I know right? I feel the same way.

Boxers or briefs?

I like the ones that are kind of a mixture of the two. Unless the boxers are silk ..

What’s your favorite perfume?

My favorite is this new one I’ve discovered called honey water. It’s light and gentle and a beautiful scent

R you cranky in the morning?

I’m pretty good at getting up. I’ve always had to be able to function on little sleep, so I’m pretty good at it. But after about a week or two of very little sleep I DEFENTLY get cranky

How many copies did you buy of your own cd?

That’s funny because I have a little ritual. I believe that if you don’t support yourself, no one else will. So at 12am the night the album is released, I go into at least one record store and cause a big fuss. I go over to the section where they are selling my CD’s and I start saying things like, “ Have ya’ll heard this? This right here is FIYAH!!!” and things like that. Then all the people look at me like I’m crazy until they figure out what’s going on and a little mini signing event usually happens. Then I’ll pick up about 30 copies and set if off! That’s always fun and everyone in the store gets a kick out of it.
It usually provokes people who maybe wouldn’t buy the album to get one just so that they can give some one they know an autographed album. I act a fool! Pretty funny huh?

What animal would u compare yourself to?

A Jaguar!

Good morning
What ever it is I’m going to sleep
Talk to you soon

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One Response to “Alicia posted again”

  1. naya Says:

    well alicia can you answer my question.

    what is your favorite color and why is it your favorite color?

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