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Alicia posted    ·    October 7th, 2004

Oct 6, 2004 12:44 PM


I’m here in Singapore getting the hair braided up.
I’ve been having a ball here!
Every morning I wake up and look out the window onto Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, or Singapore and I’m in awe……Wow, How am I here?
Anyway, I’m really trying to make sure I see these beautiful places so far away from what I know and where I grew up. Last night I went on a Night Safari. Incredible. Seeing all these nocturnal animals, without cages. Watching them. Hearing the sound of the wind and the noises of the jungle. I saw bats up close. They were actually cute. Asian Elephants, leopards, lions, A golden cat,flying squirrels, hyenas, swamp deer, and so many other beuatiful Animals. The sad thing is that there used to be so many more of them. Many of them are on the verge of extinction, but to see them up close reminds you of how precious and special God’s creatures are.

Then today I went out to the market in Chinatown and saw the most beautiful things. Masks hand carved out of gorgoeus woods, beads of jade and tiger eyes.
I had so much fun it was ridiculous! I had the best Fish with Ginger and beansprouts with smoked fish. It sounds kind of scary, but it was the BOMB!! It was nice to experience traditional Singapore.

Now, I’m gearing up to do the show tomorrow and i have a crazy good feeling about it!! The people here are kind. Open and giving. I love the vibe. I love the culture, I love how God is so present in everyday life. A first priority.

This is probably one of the most memorable times in my life. I’m taking a million pictures and recording everything. I just don’t want to forget.I don’t want to wake up 25 years from now, and only see one big blur. I want it to be clear. I want to really have lived these moments, not just have past through them. Ya know?

Thank God
for you, for this, for life….everyday

I’ll talk to you soon

p.s. miss you too!;-)

Oh yea and P.P.S

That stupid ass My boo cover is DEFINETLY a fake!!! I am a stand up woman, you think I’d EVER be caught behind some man looking like a damn backdrop??? NEVER!!! When I saw that damn picture I was furious someone would even put my name on some bullshit like that. Y’all already knew that I know, but just to put your mind at ease, That is a bogus piece of computer fiction.
eeewwwww, some people have NO class!!

ok, now that that’s off my chest we can go back to reality.

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