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Alicia Posted    ·    April 3rd, 2003

Tue April 1, 2003 9:59:08 PM
It’s takin me long enough……
No, I wasn’t stalling
It just seemed like when I would write to you, something else would come out
but now it’s time!!!!!!
It’s time!!!!!!! and the time is……….
(Ok, that’s enough with the drama);-)

The question was, what exactly is KRUCIALKEYS?
You’ve heard me say it, big it up, scream it, rep it
but what the hell is it?

most of you already know…..

KrucialKeys is a company that was conceived by my partner Kerry “Krucial” Brothers and myself….put us together and you get KRUCIALKEYS.

It was born out of a time when we had to take matters in our own hands and make all the people who never thought we could, would or should….believers.
Krucial’s always been that type of cat. He’s the guy that said to me,” U wouldn’t be able to play the keys like you do if you didn’t have ur own piano” “well”, he’d say, “We can’t keep chasin these cats who dont even see your vision, if we wanna be the best, we gotta get our own shit!!! We gotta do our own shit!!”
This was when I was 16, livin in Harlem, and hustlin’ everyday to make it happen, to beat this game b4 it beat me and those words made me see things in a whole new way. I don’t think I’d be half of who I am, or do half of what I do, without those words and knowing that you have to get your own and make your own way!
So we grinded like crazy and got us the lil bit of equiptment we could. And it wasn’t much, but it was our palace and it was the beggining of KRUCIALKEYS!

Now KRUCIALKEYS has expanded into a team. A team of Artists, Producers, Writers, DJ’s, Innovators, Visionaries.
And we focus on breaking the rules, changing the game, quality, and always doing or trying something different, unexpected.
And this is only the beggining, as we continue to spread the sound, and the words, in many different mediums….just wait and see
u r already part of the team cuz a team supports each otha. na mean?
and the possibilities are endless!

Lets take over the world togetha!!!!!!!

If you wanna get a little closer to KRUCIALKEYS, the next mixtape is FIYAH!!! and it’s something that you’re gonna want to hear. Along with the whole KRUCIALKEYS family we also have EVE, FAITH, LOON, exclusive blends and more on this tape. Its off the chain. So if you want more info on the KRUCIALKEYS mitape volume 2: THE KEY MOVEMENT


Besides that family, have you heard about sumpthin special takin place on THURSDAY???????


keep your ears open and stay on point……..

talk to you very soon


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