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Alicia Keys Wants to Work With John Legend    ·    May 12th, 2006

Alicia Keys has already performed onstage with Stevie Wonder, but it’s another legend that has peaked her interest.

“John Legend would be an interesting collaboration,” Keys told MTV News. “We were on tour together, but we never sat down and vibed and wrote. I want to do some interesting collaborations, things that are different, and see where it leads.”

Keys, who’s currently in the studio for her next album, also mentioned that she’ll be writing with John Mayer and expressed interest in working with Linda Perry.

The Grammy Award-winning songbird, who recently visited Africa, may also be writing about the poverty she witnessed in the continent for her next album. Keys’ impending LP does not have a confirmed release date and it’s untitled as of press time.

In related news, Keys will make her film debut this year in the Smokin’ Aces alongside Ben Affleck, and then in her second feature, The Nanny Diaries, which stars Scarlett Johansson and is slated to premiere in 2007.

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25 Responses to “Alicia Keys Wants to Work With John Legend”

  1. Nanny Says:

    oh, it’s good.

  2. Says:

    A person lives far longer on their vanity than on their talents.
    New Proverb-Book of Wisdom. ALP

  3. a smart guy Says:

    It’s stupid to trust and pay attention to the medias’ exaggeration. Everyday I spend twenty minutes on reading world news (mainly Europe, Africa, Middle East, Australia, North & South America) on the internet; other news such as entertainment & sports whose I boycott it for several years because it belongs to rubbish.

  4. Says:


    They that wait upon the Lord will renew their strenght.

    Isaiah.(The Bible)

  5. Says:

    It all began with the Ed Sullivan show- at the 6-7PM Sunday evening hour. The kids weren’t in bed yet, and the variety of entertainment being presented were the Presley, the Pryor, the Garland, the Wonder, the Beatles, the Stones, the Supremes, they all got their big start there.
    There was comedy, dance, and music and more; but all was suited for the 6-7PM Sunday hour. This was America.

  6. Says:

    ….working for the man every night and day, and we never saw a minute of sleep worried about the way things might of been. Big wheel keep on turning, Proud Mary keep on churning- ROLLING! ROLLING! ROLLING DOWN THE RIVER!

    IKE & TINA


  7. sonia Says:

    she’s very nice and beautiful

  8. romeo killian Says:

    HELLO, Alicia:

    Hey my good friend, i just wanted to drop in and say Hi and hey there! I am glad your branching out into other creative projects cos you never know what they may lead you into. Anyway keep ya head up my good friend. I am rooting for you to pull some of purple thunder, just go gurl and kick some rass. I advise you to carry flash cards with you just in case it’s best to say somethang else because i know dialogue can really suck at times. Anyway if you ever want to get up hit me back at this email the . MELUVU! Always and Forever! One day i gonna walk smack into you and i’m going to kiss ya face. Peaceness

  9. romeo killian Says:

    By tha way tell PURPLE i say hello. I met her before with this guy named john who was a chris in a woody film w/ two other people.

    Have a brilliant week. YOU and ME! maybe have some drinks one day! Just talk and I’m working in BayRidge. Always your best!

  10. Says:

    Here’s a interesting question:
    When you shower what part of your body do you wash first?
    Depends on where your dirt is at.

    Thank God for running H2O.

  11. Says:

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  12. Says:

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  13. Says:

    Remember people: the real Spirit is life, and that life is eternal life.

    That’s why everyone wants to get a life.

  14. janice Says:

    hey alicia i love ur music, and u. keep up the gud work.

  15. Says:

    I like that red dress she wears.

    What time is it?
    I’m gone.

  16. clery anny milhomem araujo Says:

    oi alicia! eu sou muito sua fà adoro
    as suas musicas espero que vc continue brinhando pelo mundo todo.

  17. Mees, from Holland Says:

    Look, when I was listening to alicia keys last night, everything she sings about became so clear to me. It’s just in every song i heard on your cd last night, I really felt how much you mean what you sing. And it’s because of that, that all your songs are sung with just so much passion in it. And the vibe in your music witch is created by that passion just really showed me how beautifull things can be in this world. The way you sang about love, so romantic, but not like made-up-romantic, just straight out of your hart. The song were you are singing about when you live life the way you live it, that you need a man that supports you even when you’re weak en down. I really understood what you meant with it. And I think making a 16-year old boy on the other side of the world feel so alive with the music you created just shows how deeply talented you are. Not just musically talented, but talented on the inside as well. I hope you get to read this, I really do. Not because I’m a lonely kid that found his way out of trouble because of you’re trouble, and needs your support. But more like the opposite, I’m populair and probably handsome and I dare to say that I’m one of the most talented kids in this area where I live. But I was throwing all my talents away beacause I was getting arrogant you know. And I just felt bad about it, and I realised, as a consequence of listening to your music, that I have to use all of my talents as much as I can. To have a high purpose in life and to turn all your bad experiences into your good ones.

    Thank you.

  18. ciera willams Says:

    hi how are you doin?…

  19. amanda unamaca Says:

    hay alicia thaks for coming to South Africa at the 46664 mandela benefit concert i hope u come again to South Africa and this time to Parktown High School For Girls hambagahle lurv mandy

  20. jr Says:

    I want to hear them together

  21. grimm Says:

    match made in heaven

  22. grimm Says:

    music match i meant

  23. Glass Says:

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  24. Sara Wilson Says:

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  25. emma Says:

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