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Alicia Keys Made Beau Wait A Year For Sex

August 21st, 2006

Alicia Keys made boyfriend Kerry ‘Krucial’ Brothers wait a year for sex, because she is “too beautiful” to give herself to someone she is unsure of. The longtime songwriting duo have kept their romance closely under-wraps, but Keys reveals the gruelling test she forced the producer to undergo. She says, “I made him wait a year because my body is too beautiful to be violated by someone who doesn’t deserve it.”

36 Responses to “Alicia Keys Made Beau Wait A Year For Sex”

  1. Says:

    omg alicia why

  2. Says:

    did you had sex already

  3. Joseph Santacecilia Says:

    Oh My God !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. jessica Says:

    i think that’s a great way to see if he’s loyal

  5. talaka Says:

    i thought u was going to w8????

  6. Nicky Says:

    First of all she never metioned KERRY and they never even mentioned KERRY in the mag.

  7. jm Says:

    what she really meant was that he got a year of free blowjobs. looks like he won after all.

  8. hungaryman Says:

    when arewegonna hang out?

  9. Lila18 Says:

    Alicia i can’t blame u gurl cause i mad my man 3years…..

  10. ERICA Says:


  11. Sally Says:

    good job girl! got some good advice from a star!

  12. Kevin Says:

    I thought she didnt go with other musicians as she once said. Is that statement even true?

  13. eskay Says:

    i understand making her man wait to prove he’s true, but she thinks that consensual sex is a violation of her body? …that’s a sad way of looking at it.

  14. ASIA AISA Says:

    Fair is Fair…

    Making sure that sumthang sweet is not an enigma isn’t LOVE enough by tha way because Rocks can’t really hit yellow’s moon.

    Any adult can do what they choose because it’s their choice and that’s always FREE. Be the SUN, Shoot down all the Planets and lasso your Krucial whomever that lived golden will take off.

    Brighstar do it good because you can cheer. Are you still wispering soft keystrokes in tha night to deep forest. Play your funky music and flip tha sounds until it lashes back at you.

    My advice to tha listeners of sweet passion learn, discover and grow.
    Imagine God’s help to your Love because a prayer that God would hold in the palm of his hand the child wearing the sweater.

    Always Live, LOVE and Laugh! by IZOD

    always Luv tha loss of tears… One Boo-Boo One

    BE EASY!

  15. natali Says:

    Very good. you are totaoly sure.

  16. jermaine g. filoteo Says:

    well if krucial did you wrong ill kick his butt off ok!

  17. Kelz Says:

    I agree about making the guy wait to make sure he’s loyal and deserving. But how do we even know she was talking about her supposed relationship with Kerry? The media has a way of twisting words and taking statments out of context. Lets keep that in mind.

  18. Kathleen Says:

    I picked up the magazine and it was a great interview. I think sister2sister magazine did a great job with Alicia Keys.

  19. diana Says:

    so when she says its a violation to her body, does she mean only hers? or women/ladies in general? if she means it in general, then she’s a big insparation to young gurls like me, another reason to like a talented person like her!! bless you Miss Keys!! btw i love this fansite!

  20. ashley cones go by emerald Says:

    girl your fantastic yet such a great role model for a lot of young virgin women who’s life’s sometimes full of torment and shame. You make us realize what you really have and truly will ever own and that is yourself such as once is gone their’s no more turning and getting back when is taken.
    Alicia you are so real but i hate to say. A lot more real then so many of those other stars out there in this cold world of deception. keep up your good works and works of insparation and I am defintly keeping my eye on your acting career. God bless you and keep you safe forever.

  21. Anita R. Says:

    I think she did the right thing. I agree with her.

  22. Diane Says:

    I made my boyfriend wait a year for a kiss. A year and a half for sex.

  23. Lapree Valentine Says:

    Alicia Keys has the right idea about a meaningful relationship, but I’m not sure if she understands the importance of sex in a relationship. Speaking from a musician’s perspective, I know that inspiration comes to us by the things that we experience in life-sex is the most inspiring thing to write about in our songs. My point is….that Alicia Keys needs to experiment with new things, and do the wild stuff that she is afraid to do pertaining to sex. That is healthy for a relationship. If I were her boyfriend, I would not have waited for a year. I would have tried my luck with Mariah Carey, who has a 5-octave voice range, and is fine as hell.

  24. Robert Says:

    Hi! Alicia K., I thought that you were single! Your body is your temple and you are in control of it! You are the only one that can understand the problems or situation that come from not understanding or harming it from feet to head! I have been truly waiting for my Soul-Mate for 5years 10months!(Celbate) It getts lonly but I’m that type of person that joke about it, but bring the reality up front in the joke! It’s going to be a everlasting event when I do recieve my cutie pie! Stay Godly and don’t left the haters change your mind! I know because I was once one of the haters that was trying to hit everything moving that I thought was fine and was in the way when I was on alcohol! Be Blesed!

  25. heni Says:

    he’s lucky she is a three par girl if you know what I mean

  26. Phatkatt69 Says:

    Now Alicia, you are a fine and sexy as hell, but you should know right off if a brother is full of —- or not, but for some people it may take longer! I hope it was worth the wait! You are so very talented and I feel like I know you through your music, we are on the same page! I love you and God bless you and I hope you continued success!

  27. heni Says:

    My girlfriend made me wait 2 years but by that time my arm fell off from masturbation and she broke up with me

  28. Kelly Says:

    Hey Gurl! your the best thing that ever happen in the world. I think you rite on the waittin part to have sex becouse its better to know your bf before moving to fast kinda thing…Well i just wanted to let you know you have more pplzs dat love you for you. and keepin on keepin on wit yur music.. Your #1 fan .p.s. get me back

  29. Kelly Says:

    Canada ROCKS A$$

  30. Courtney Says:

    yeah that how u do it make that nigga wait.

  31. wess Says:

    alicia keys…u are feeling urself waayyyyy too much….and that nigga is an idiot for waiting a year…there are tons of beautiful women out here…some that look better than u that know how to treat a man..alicia seems to think she’s the grand shit out here…ladies if u have a good man, u take care of him and he will take care of u..even go out his way

  32. Goergia Says:

    Oh hell it’s great she made him wait a year but why bring it public she’s an adult and can do whatever she won’t but not spreading the wrong statment to the world of younger girls and boys such as the age thirteen? That’s commen waiting a year is commen.
    GREAT. she can be in the program KEEP A CHILD ALIVE to show she cares but oh forced the producer FORCED i mean to undergo privacy of her sex life cause she feels her body is to beautiful to give to someone who doesn’t deserve it that sounds selfish and a little bit on the braggin side but oh well hell.In my eyes i wouldn’t consider that real advice. For all someone know the man could be hitten it somewhere while waiting til he gets your goods.Is the mf committed to her not the last time i checked? so all right then she gave him the free passage to her body and he has the right to walk out whenever. So i don’t know where she came up with this violation shit.

  33. priscilla pink Says:

    baby u cld even let him wait 4 a century it’s all good i lyk that

  34. Says:

    Good going, I think that was the right thing to do. But if I was you I would wait until I’m married, You know what I mean!

  35. Nasi Says:

    I understand why she would make sumbody wait a year that gorgeous woman i dont care how long i would have 2 wait cause soon as i turn 18 i am marrying that woman

  36. Nasi Says:

    I dont care how long i would have 2 wait,for that woman i would wait forever

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