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Alicia Keys Forced To Hide Sexy Side    ·    March 1st, 2006

Alicia Keys was forced to hide any signs of femininity growing up in her gang-infested neighbourhood, just to avoid being attacked.The singer was raised by her single mother in the rough Hells Kitchen area of New York City, which was overrun by prostitutes, drug dealers and gangs.

She explains, “I grew up in an area that was pretty rough, so I had to compensate with how I dressed.

“If I came across as too slutty or sexy or showed too much, it would cause a lot of problems.

“That’s why I called myself a tomboy, because I was always covered. I had to protect myself.”

Keys has now found a way to comfortably express her feminine side saying, “I like subtle. Sexy to me now is when you leave something to the imagination.

“Sexy to me is when you feel so beautiful on the inside that it shines on the outside.”

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60 Responses to “Alicia Keys Forced To Hide Sexy Side”

  1. Says:

    I hope that Alicia does not start dressing like Beyonce , she is beautiful inside and out , she has been wearing shirts lately that have shown a lot of clevage more than what I am used to seeing her in , she should not have to start dressing real sexy or slutty to show how good looking she is , please keep your clothes on , dont be like all of the other singers ! I like you just the way you are Alicia a little bit tomm boyish .

  2. jose Says:

    hola soy de peru

  3. Dime Says:

    I don’t believe Alicia would ever start dressing like beyonce, they have two different styles…the way she dresses reflects her beauty shows off her femininity and still has sexy written all over it.Alicia you are unique I love you the way you are a little tom boyish because that you straight up. Keep it real

  4. renee Says:

    Alicia don’t have to dress like a **** to look good like beyonce does because she is cute just the way she is and clothes do not make a person look good it’s how you carry yourself if all of those other singer wanna show their stuff let them go right ahead cause they don’t have no respect for themselves

  5. Robert Says:

    Alicia you are one of the true role models for the time. During your younger times of growing and dressing in your area was based on the people. Now that you are in a leading celebrity position you can feel your way into your own mode and it’s okay! Please be yourself and do what you feel! Keep it real for me please cutie!

  6. jj Says:

    there is only one word to describe alicia keys and that is beautiful

  7. kristine Says:

    march 1 is my bday!!

  8. Says:

    alicia your a real talent i don not know you but your atitude,your songs the way you dress shows that you are the real deal you are down to earth and i love you for that you dont have to sing crap to get attention are dress half naked in your videos or shake your ass you are my role model because of that. beyonce and the others can not be compared to you, because you are real talent a black female with class

  9. Donna Says:

    I think God works in wonderful and mysterious ways. Not expressing your outter beauty, gave you more of a desire to express your inner beauty and I think you are a really deep and beautiful sista, if you would like to express your outer beauty right now, I think now is a better time than before. You go girl.

  10. Says:

    What’s bugging me is the increase in overt violence and its acceptance, almost as if you were stepping over dead bodies on a battlefield. That’s what our schools, neighborhoods, and places of education have become. Can you fathom it? Or perhaps you can just phantom it and become another death certificate thinking we all got to go sometime! They started talking about NY apathy years ago, I guess that’s why this Newburgh born kid never returned, yet people often travel there and love the place, but do they really know the place? It’s strange though, whereever brown and black people congregate there is violence! This I really hate. If we’re so damned religious and God loving why doesn’t it come out in our behavior towards one another? It’s hypocrisy: Alicia Keys Organization, we’re like a Hebrew nation all over again!

  11. Polat Says:

    oh come on guys Alicia is my Love, she doesn’t need dressing like beyonce cause she much more beautiful than beyonce and she is the most beautiful singer in whole wide world. I LOVE U ALİCİA

  12. Alison Says:

    Alica is very intelligent and has dignity. I think at the end of the day a real man would rather want a woman like Alica who he can trust, not one like Beyonce… who is recognised and awarded for wearing the least amount of clothes possible on stage

  13. Missterious Says:

    I dont think A. Keys will ever dress like Beyonce. i really look up 2 her. i love u Alicia!!

  14. princess #1 fan Says:

    Alicia Keys is my idol and shes awsome!I don’t think that she should ever be forced to hide any siade of her.

  15. Haneefa Abdullah Says:

    Alicia Keys reminds me so much of myself in many different ways,such as when i was younger i was always with the boys acting a fool and hiding my beauty. But as i got older and went into high school i started to realize how nice and beautiful i was on the inside and started to express it on the outside. In my high school talent show i played Alicia Keys because i looked so much like her hair, skin color, shape, and beauty. I sanged off of gansta lovin with eve and alicia keys. I had the braids and the jump suit on. Every one was rootinf for me saying i could of pulled it off. Anyways much love and keep it real like always. Love Neefa

  16. Haneefa Abdullah Says:

    Alicia Keys should never hide her beauty because that was Gods gift to her. Many people wish they could look like her and they don’t. God blesses everyone with something and it just so happens that she is blessed with beauty and a voice,etc… And to inspire other people to accept there selves how they are cuz we all are beautiful in the inside!

  17. maria Says:

    alicia, show your talent not your body!!! you aren’t like these pop singer that are all equal, you are different cause you are smart and you have a wonderfull voice and your music make us fly!!!! be yourself, don’t change!!!!

  18. pocahontas Says:

    does not true!!! alicia is the best of all the rest!

  19. ameli Says:

    come on…quit bringing beyonce into this. both of them are great in their own ways. they both are very blessed, humble, and talented in their own right. however, i think alicia has more advantage because she continues to find ways to highly succeed in her music career without taking her clothes off. i just really like that she’s not putting out a perfume, clothesline, or the typical common things female celebrity singers are doing in promoting themselves these days. i like that she WROTE books and succeeded in it. she promotes herself in doing things that requires intellect and innovation. like revamping mtv unplugged, again. i can tell she’s one of those celebs that will come up with their own thing apart from what’s commonly done by celebrities. so watch out! even though i like beyonce’s singing, i’d be scared as soon alicia enters the big screen. her crying in IIAGY video was so believable that she made me cry, you better believe she’ll do a great job as an actress. after all, she’s been surrounded by it through her mother. what a talent! keep up the awesome work, alicia! we are such great fans of you from Hawaii!! love, Ameli

  20. marcus Says:

    Alicia I’m a english boy with emotional heart(not to emotional} your songs touch me like no other the sex appeal comes from the heart not the way you dress, continue to write and play the keys thats enough for us fans in the UK, you go girl!! marcus

  21. ashley kelly Says:

    I pray to God that Alicia will always remain the same, I would never want her to dress or even act like beyonce, please who is beyonce? I will tell u who she is nothing compared to my girl Alicia Keys. Alicia you are such a talented and gorgeous young woman please don’t ever let anyone change who you really are. God truly blessed this world when he put u in it. I love you very much stay positive,I will always be in your corner. God Bless You Alicia.

  22. verlanrd Says:

    Alicia keys i love you so much. I don’t care how people describe you sometime i even think where me and you and have dinner with you. You are a real woman any man who marriy can trust you. I’m not trying to put word into your mouth . I really love you

  23. Jenny Says:

    Since day one, Alicia Keys has always remained true, whether it be through her image, music, words…everything. I LOVE your style, whether it be mixing vintage with contemporary pieces, as a tomboy, in a gorgeous gown…you got it hands down. This whole A. Keys/Beyonce comparison is ridiculous; why is it that even in Black entertainment, are we not able to support two sistahs who are both talented, and unique in their own way? People seem to forget that performance is an art form; no one is going around condemning Tina Turner because she chose to wear revealing outfits when she performed? Beyonce’s outfits are no more revealing than Tina’s, so why the negative response to her wearing them? Alicia, at the end of the day, you know who you are. And although you’ve always had your fans’ interests at heart, be real to yourself FIRST. I love your music, your style, and your good heart. PEACE!

  24. Says:

    Thank’s for the comment I really enjoy reading advice from you

  25. HEAVEN Says:


  26. Says:

    Another beautiful day on the planet, yet stars are hot, bright, and full of flame, even to the benefit of those who inhabit the planet. Some people gravitate to one star system others to another, still there are many stars, and they are a benefit to no one! I AM KEPT BY YOUR LIGHT ALICIA. You are something that comes through time and space, and before you there were the Aretha Franklins, or Pheobe Snows, and many others. It’s not the number of fans you have but the type of fan. Conversely it’s not the number of men you have but the type of man.
    Love You1 day.

  27. Ronald Says:

    Alicia is a very down to earth woman with a bright future a head of her. She is an example of what people can do for them selfs, and for the people that love them when times are hard. I should know I have experienced it my self.
    I wish you the best.

  28. Says:

    well youll always be beautiful in my eye

  29. Says:

    alica keys is sexer than beyonce is a ugly hood rat like her mom and dad ugly things think she hotter than alica keys o.k
    u want to be hotter o.k u hood rat o.k u may have a bigger but but u do not have a better voice than her o.k you singing nasty girl
    but you are a nasty girl you littlre ugly wanch
    beyonce bich wanabe alica keys self!!!!!!!!!!!!! bichchchchch

  30. Says:

    alica keys is sexer than beyonce is a ugly hood rat like her mom and dad ugly things think she hotter than alica keys o.k
    u want to be hotter o.k u hood rat o.k u may have a bigger but but u do not have a better voice than her o.k you singing nasty girl
    but you are a nasty girl you litte ugly wanch
    beyonce bich wanabe alica keys self!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. chantel Says:

    Alicia stay the way u are because u look beutiful and modest

  32. Chloe Says:

    your an amazing singer!you can’t let anyone bring you down!you have to stay strong!

  33. courtney Says:

    alicia u dont have 2 dress like these other gurls u r beautiful just da way u r dont be a follwer be a leader!

  34. courtney Says:

    also it doesnt matter how u dress u r still goin 2 be ALICIA KEYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FOREVER AND DONT FORGET DAT

  35. Says:

    there’s so many words to describe what alicia keys is she elegant she’s beautiful she’s intellagent and she’s smart but you that’s not the only thing she is she’s alicia keys and she will be alicia keys so next time you see her and she ask what is she to you just say your the one and only alicia keys

  36. Chris Walker Says:

    Hello Alicia..I thank you are so beautiful and sexy just the way you are.I don’t know very much about you but to me it seems like you remained the same from start to finish.Its obvious that you have been doing something right so just keep doing what you always been doing and don’t let the outside world influence you.I’m into music my self and i would love to meet you in person some day.Much love,see ya soon.

  37. Teddy Says:

    I think she is very talented and she has a big booty

  38. Sasha Says:

    AliCiA i ThINk YoU’Re PeRFect THe wAY yOu’Re AnD SeXy SeXy So ThErE’s NO nEeD tO bE sOmEBodY eLse tO mAKe YOU sEZY or MinI skIrt MinI shORT.

  39. muyiwa Says:

    the main thing is that you are just too much.

  40. Claudia Nuño Says:

    I need to contact Alicia’s Manager to have a massive concert in Guadalajara, México. We’re really interested on this matter. PLease write as soon as possible. Thank you.

  41. Whatisupwityall Says:

    I dont know what is up with these people but Alicia Keys and Beyonce are both equally talented. They both bring something to the game. They both are fine and sexy. It is an upset to music to exlude anyone of them, bc both of their voices are touched by god and produce melodies/ harmonies that from a musical standpoint are out of this world. They both can be put into the Afro american history books there is enough room, they can both be our Whitneys of today. So plz dont discredit anyone of these fine performers, dancers, singers,etc.bc they both went through things to get to where they are now and now they are making something we all can enjoy MUSIC!!!

  42. RELL Says:


  43. melissa Says:

    Alicia is very pretty and very sexy,she would never haver to dress like Beyonce’ to show that she is sexy. People must be very crazy to even come close to thinking that you have to act a certain way in order to be or feel sexy. Alicia Key, don’t change for nobody; you are different from the rest, please stay that way. You will always be beautiful to me.

  44. VIDALE Says:

    Alicia I think you are lovely LADY keep it real. You do not have dress any that do’es not make you a LADY, you a very pretty LADY. Stay SEXY.

  45. Raider Dan Says:

    Alicia, if you receive this post I just want you to know that you always got my attention being just the way you are. You dress classy, have an excellent smile, you’re down to earth, you help people in need, not to mention you’re the best piano player I’ve ever seen. Anyhow, you’ve always had a “Leave it to the imagination” mystique about you, that can’t be topped. You don’t have to dress like some of these other celebrities to get attention, you already have our attention. Whatever you do is your choice, and keep up the good work.

  46. Fred Says:

    I have read all your comments about how should Alicia dress. In my opinion beauty is a given and a seperate issue from talent. What’s been given by God, shouldn’t be hidden. I belive that apart from everything else she has got in her insdie and outside, she has got a very beautiful body and shouldn’t be ashamed of exposing it to a certain limit. After all we don’t always tend to keep our youth and beauty for ever.

  47. ENRI Says:


  48. Says:

    Hello Alicia Keys I want you to know that your my favortie Romodel I really love you I want to me you in real life oneday and I hope it comes soon.Alicia Keys I hope to get you autograph oneday. I don’t have much more to say but keep your head up and stay strong I love you.!!!!

  49. DENARDO Says:


  50. Laurie Says:

    The dignity of a woman lies in how she values herself. Ali is beautiful, intelligent and gifted. As a man, I think that cheap things are always well advertized, but quality stuff is always hidden or covered.

  51. Teddy Says:

    She has a big booty!

  52. Says:

    en tu rostro se mira una mujer sensible con mucho amor y llena de carino.en mis hojos no te comparo a nadie.por que, nadien esta serca de ser como tu.mis felicidades al hombre que te pudo hacer felix. un dia contigo, seria como tener el mundo en mis manos.que dios te bendiga y sigas com ese amor tierno que se te mira en tu rostro.

  53. Says:

    para mi no hay nadie como tu.tu mirada es tierna y linda,cuando miro tu rostro lo unico que pienso, es wow.mis felicidades al hombre que supo llegar a tu corazon. si yo pudiera estar con tigo un dia seria como te nener el mundo en mis manos.mi amor y felicidades para ti,.

  54. Tara Says:

    I love Alica Keys I think that she is a great singer and I love the way she dresses and I think that she is one of the few young peopele that can actually sing…

  55. Ev Says:

    I love Alica. Infact, I love her more now that she has hair on her chest. mmmm

  56. Myasia Says:

    hey ALica keys
    girl….its ya gurl myasia aka baby g…..holla

  57. Says:

    people said you are gay but i dont think so people said you said you were on the news and you said you were gay? are you gay?????????????????????????????????????????????

  58. Meghan Turner Says:

    Hey Alica this is meghan ur biggest fan. i’m 12 yrs old and ur like my idol. ur the best singer in the whole wide world and i luv ur music. Ur videos r so awesome!!!

    Luv Meghan

    Ur biggest fan.

    P.S. I luv cookies.

    P.S.S. Like that has anything to do with it but i’m just crazy like that.

  59. salome Says:

    I’m FROM Hell’s Kitchen and the place was already undergoing gentrification BEFORE keys was BORN,so what’s she talking about here ?
    gangs ? THE ONLY GANG was the westies and they kept things in order.

  60. Mariah Says:

    I love the way you tell people that sexy is not a way you dress it is all in your imagination! I have always loved your music and listen to it everytime i put my daughter to sleep at nite . I Want to persue in music and i was wondering if you can help me do that.
    P.S: Life is hard and you cant get around violence!

    Love Always,

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