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Alicia Keys coming to Korea    ·    October 3rd, 2004

R&B prodigy, 23-year-old Alicia Keys, who won five Grammy Awards with her debut album, will perform for the first time in Korea, at the Millennium Hall Central City, Gangnam, Seoul at 8 p.m. on Oct. 13. Her first album, released in 2001, sold more than seven million copies worldwide and her second album, which came out last year, has already sold three million in the U.S. alone.

Alicia Keys, who was born in Manhattan, entered music school at the age of five, began writing songs at fourteen and went on to the Columbia University at sixteen. She dropped out to make music professionally. Her live performances self-accompanied on the piano have received popular acclaim. Prior to her Asia tour, she sat down for a telephone interview with the Chosun Ilbo at her home in Los Angeles.

When asked if it was too early to become a star with the overnight success of her first album, Alicia answered that she was twenty then and everything was incredible. She is still grateful and surprised by the Grammy and her popularity.

Did your early music education help you a lot? My mother gave me lots of things to learn, even when I was very young. She gave me everything that she could give to me. I think I was very lucky.

People say that your live performances are perfect. Is there a secret? Nothing is perfect. Practice is the best method. If you sing more, you know more. You would know when to stop, when to sing and how to control breathing. In particular, controlling breathing can be modulated by practice. Practice is the only way to strengthen vocals.

I’ve heard that you like jazz and hip hop as well. I think that it is important to take any genre of music to heart. It does not matter if it is jazz, hip hop, soul, R&B or even it is classical music. Soul, in particular, I regard as music that comes from the human spirit.”

Some people say that you are another Aretha Franklin. It is an inadequate comparison. How can I be compared to such a great singer like her. I really love her as well. I want to be like her but it is just an unbelievable compliment.”

Do you plan to play the piano in your performance in Korea? Of course. The performance will be a fun show with a mixture of songs and various styles. It will be a tingling, magical experience, sort of a journey.”

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