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Alicia in Africa: Journey to the Motherland    ·    April 13th, 2008

SpiralFrog, Inc. (, the free and legal, ad-supported web-based music service, is the only place to download “Alicia in Africa: Journey to the Motherland”, the documentary of Grammy Award-winning musician and Keep a Child Alive (KCA) Co-Founder, Alicia Keys’, month-long trip to Africa to visit communities affected by HIV and AIDS.

Alicia’s commitment to the fight against AIDS is contagious and she is leading the effort to spread the message of KCA, “Start a Virus to Stop a Virus,” virally, so they have selected SpiralFrog to help get the message out.

Running April 9 - May 19, the full-length film will be available for download exclusively at with information provided and donations accepted at

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5 Responses to “Alicia in Africa: Journey to the Motherland”

  1. naya Says:

    oh yes alicia i really want to commend you for doing this because when i saw you on the american idol the documentary tears came to my eyes and i wanted to donate but i am only 14 years old and i was at my grandma house i really want to commend you.

  2. regina Says:

    hello alicia my name is regina.Iam in the 11th grade at weequahic h.s
    iam one of your biggest fans and love all your songs
    especially like you
    never see me again.
    write back soon.

  3. Says:

    I will keep in short. I am located in Buffalo, NY and ahve had numerous family members not even in my communty that have been afflicted by this disease. I have family nad friends that are afflicted and tray so very hard to sponsor and volunteer for organizations in my community here in Buffalo, NY. That does not help my immediate family in NYC. I ty to take kids from my family to show them “a different way of life”. Most do not not make it past high school graduation. They have kids @ 16 -18 and get into the system because the father can not provide (how can he @ 16 yrs.age?). If I had not been helped by people who were not my blood relatives I wouldn’t be here. I hope that I make an impact but you never know. I remember those who have helped me and feel obligated to do the same. Now a days people shouldn’t and can’t trust a stranger. I hope you get this because as growing up and becoming the woman I have become It was always instilled in me that “The greatest griefs are those we cause ourselves”.
    By Oedipus.
    Also at this point in my life I feel as a fish swimming in an ocean of cool clear water after being stuck in a tank of glue…… Life if ironic. I don’t own your music but love listening to it and think you seem to be spiritual and a good person. I’m sure being the celebrity you are you have all the help you may need bit if you;d like a different perspective from some one that appreciates what you do rather than “buy your music” (I do own your first CD)
    Please call @ or respond to my email @ - regardless God Bless!


  4. Says:

    I would loving getting into charites and I heard about Keep A Child Alive and alicia helping out and Sone people are fighting a disese that’s untreat but it’s matter when you look in the childerns eye and seee the pain and realizing all your time and money can make a differents.I haven’t seen the documentary but I will.I love learning and seening different parts of the culture in the world.Congratz alicia

  5. sufian Says:

    i hereby write to commend the efforts of my dream artist and all those connected with the Keep The Child Alive program. it is high time and very timely. Two Thumbz Up Alicia!

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