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Alicia at the 2007 VMA’s - First Look    ·    September 9th, 2007

Alicia at the 2007 VMAs

Alicia is currently walking the red carpet with Krucial Keys by her side. More pictures and video tomorrow!

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6 Responses to “Alicia at the 2007 VMA’s - First Look”

  1. jackie mitchell Says:

    Hey Alicia,
    i am so proud of you!
    your talents as a oung singer and the inspiring,sou stirring, gifted way you play piano made me stop a listen in awe of your art s I listened to your amazing ability to share your music, feelings, soul with your audience. I have not heard such an artist in a long time. You took me back… I am 44 and from a different generation of course from you but,
    you have a unique sound that is all your own stay true to what you do.
    God bless and keep the soul in your music and don’t worry about the fads they do just that… fade anyway. But the true beauty of music and the stories they tell stands the test of time.

  2. Ezra Dorsey Says:

    I loved the way Diddy was looking at you! I think he was thinking how good you were sounding! I saw you once in Milwaukee way back, but this was a new sound and the look was awesome! I can’t wait to hear the album! Get in touch if you want to help create another Mario!


  3. Sonia Says:


    I saw you when you came to the Borgata in Atlantic City you were HOT then and you are HOT now. You have a beautiful voice, and Ilove your music.

    God Bless!

  4. Says:

    Alicia keys you are amazing singer wait lot good looking

  5. Tina Jones Says:


    Just online looking for your new song that just hit the waves I love “No one” and this one sounds like it’s a hit too. Keep doing you and God bless. You are always graceful….don’t let the media or public change that. Good sport with your comments on Brittany.

    Stay blessed

  6. vetn Says:

    alisha keys performance @ the ama’s was wicked…with all the jamaican flava…chacka demus and pliers…beenie man..just wicked to ras

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