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50 Cent doesn’t like Alicia anymore    ·    April 21st, 2008

50 Cent has hit back at Alicia for criticizing gangsta rap - insisting her comments were “not really bright”.

Keys courted controversy by voicing her opinions on the hip-hop subgenre, telling U.S. magazine Blender, “Gangsta rap was a ploy to convince black people to kill each other.”

And her comments have enraged rapper 50 Cent - real name Curtis Jackson - whose music is said to fall into the gangsta rap category.
He tells, “I don’t like people who don’t like me … that statement changes my perception of Alicia Keys totally. It’s just not really a bright comment …”
Keys has since retracted the statement, insisting her words were taken out of context.

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9 Responses to “50 Cent doesn’t like Alicia anymore”

  1. naya Says:

    well i think 50 cent needs to shut up because he can not rap and i hope he loses all that money he got and he regrets those words he said because alicia was right and he was wrong. 50 cent will become a penny just like that.

  2. naya Says:

    i dont care about 50 cent because he is gay and cannot rap he sucks and i hope all his teeth fall out.

  3. bella2000 Says:

    Alicia said that people that know her knows, knows her better, she went on radio, tv, etc., clearing up the misunderstanding/w her and blender, however, Fiddy still wants media attention and uses it against a true artist like Alicia. This guy was caught last summer lipsinging, a rapper, com’n, if he cant be true to his craft why do I as a AK fan worry about the so call bully of rap. If what alicia said was not enough for him, well I too take his stand but I dont care for fiddy anymore, he hate for no reason and need to learn to let things go!!!

  4. Jason MAnier Says:

    Wat’s poppin I see u gotten over somethings I hope ur happy and good luck in life!!!!!!!!!! Stay up lil shalty

  5. showty j.v Says:

    well i think 50 cent needs to shut up nd stay like dat bcuz he kno he wrong bcuz he jst hatin on her so if sum1 gotta say sumthin say it now!!!!

  6. Says:

    I love alicia keys and I heard about that statement they say she made in a magazine.”That’s is the dumbs things I ever heard” Watching alicia keys on tv and hear her powerful voice she don’t like the type that would be saying that.Her attitude seem so laid back,a hard working women,standing on her own two feet The only people that accept you for you god and family,friends and that’s all the matter. So alicia keys you are doing a great job knocking down the industry and they can’t handle your level of success.Ingore the media and fasle judgement and keep being cause yours fans are behind you.

  7. Let's gossip about Alicia! - R&B Junk Forum di Musica: R&B - Hip-Hop - Pop Says:

    […] comment �� Keys has since retracted the statement, insisting her words were taken out of context. source __________________ Behind my pride there lives a me that knows humility/Inside my voice there […]

  8. quilla Says:

    Fifty cent is just mad because Alicia Keys doesn’t want him.The media needs to leave her alone. Stay strong Alicia. Love ya!

  9. brandi Says:

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