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48th Annual Grammy Awards 2006    ·    February 9th, 2006

Unfortunately, Alicia did not recieve any Grammy Awards this year, however she looked absolutely stunning at the Awards, and also at Clive Davis’ Pre Grammy Party.

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18 Responses to “48th Annual Grammy Awards 2006”

  1. Just A Dude! Says:

    Alicia, Good Day!

    Today, u are ever so beautiful. I wish you many good thoughts. I went down to this little place called Pho BANG, Vietnamese cuisine. Good place and good people… A real hole in the wall frum tha outside. It was like a factory inside, peoples around on every side. Do go there food is really good and cheap. Do carry your own hand soap because the bathrooms are kinda small. Always Be Kind to othrs. Love Smile and Peace!

  2. rafael Says:

    hi my name is Rafael if this is the real alicia keys all i want to say is that you realy inspired me and my girlfriend alot we made one of your songs our song that song is “diary” look u might think i am just another crazy fan but i am not on march 17 of this year it will be our 2 year annniversary and i need help planning a special night for her. i know that you are a busy woman but if you read this i would like to know if you could help me with some ideas onto how i can plan this out i would realy love to hear from you but if you cant or your not the real person there never mind i guess i watsed my time and yours i appologize if i wasted your time. i have a few ideas but i dont know if they will work but i thank you for everthing u ever did to inspire me and for th song “diary” that me and my girl has thank you alicia keys and bye o by the way my email address is

  3. Genee Says:

    I think Alicia Keys is looks stunning every time I see her. All I have to say is YOU GO GIRL! She is a real inspiration to me. I get an emormous amount if comments from people who say that I look like her, and it makes me smile every time.
    Keep up the good work and continue doing what you do!
    Peace out

  4. Nathania Benita Says:

    every time i see Alicia with her dress, it’s make me scream, laught and smile cause she’s so beautiful. She’s a great person and always smiling in front of her fans. She has a perfect voice and amazing song. I always want to be like her. Congratulations, Alicia!!!

  5. JINN GOD Says:

    100 TRILL

  6. A fan of yours Says:

    Alicia you look so cool and pretty. You have a awsome style. Oh yea i think you did excellent at the “48th Annual Grammy Awards of 2006!”

  7. # 1 supporter Says:

    I really don’t have a comment on the grammys, but I would like to say that I think your my soul mate and I would love to meet you. When are you comming back the the ATL?

  8. Amirah Says:

    Hi alicia keys my name is amirah. i am 12 years old and you are my idol. i know that people cannot meet famous people alot but i REALLY wanna meet you. I have been singin’ for 8 years now. i live in Florissant missouri. my zip code is 63034. And my street is River Oaks ct. my address is 14328. Pleaze come by or send someone to come by.
    love amirah

  9. Amirah Says:

    hahahahaha i wasjuss kiddin’ that’s not my address i juss kindof made that up

  10. Gaby Mera Says:

    Hi “mi negra keys”
    mi name is Gaby,I am 16 years old, I am from ecuador so I´m not speak english very well.I love you SO MUCH!I play a little the piano a little but nobody in this earth it will better than you.I´ve always said that you´re “mi negra”its a nickname of love..I would love to meet you but thats a impossible dream I guess..I wish you luck in everything you will always be my boo!and mi negra of course.Bye,chaito.I send to you a big hug and kisses

  11. malcoolm Says:

    I love you my name is malcolm im 12 I cant stop thinking about how beautiful you are I see you in my dreams I love you sincerally Malcolm Mulwa

  12. Malcolm Says:

    hi my name is malcolm I love you your my idol my brother teases my cause you in my head all day. I cant ever cant forget how beautiful you are. Your the most beautifulest girl to hit my eyes. You have a beautiful smile love malcolm

  13. malcolm Says:

    I love your dress I think you have excellent style I love you as a singer woman human bein anything I love you forever love your one and only biggest fan Malcolm Mulwa 12

  14. alicia gabriella Says:

    vcoce e muito bonita

  15. amsata balde Says:

    je t’aime alicia répond moi sil te plé

  16. Lee Says:

    hi i am from trinidad san fernando and i think you look wonderfull in your dress as well as in every thing else i love your work and your voice very much “you have d real ting”trini gyul

  17. natalia Says:

    i´m from brasil and here there are many people that loves you. know that you are the person more beautiful (inside and outside) that i have met in my life. i wish you get everything in your life. kiss!! sorry my english i`m still learning.

  18. Alisha Says:

    hello my name is alisha and i live in in wales can u help my sister sing its her dream to sing and help me as well thank u email us on

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