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Posted on September 25th, 2010 • 0 Comments

The musician on glamour, effortless style, and being shallow

1) The outfit that works is the outfit that feels most comfortable. If you look in the mirror and something makes you uncomfortable, that thing will come back to haunt you later. What works is simplicity. If you’re unsure, simple is always the best way to go.

2) Some people have effortless style: I love Halle Berry, Gwen Stefani, Prince. They always look clean and fly. But honestly, all this stuff really doesn’t matter. All that matters is happiness and love. Getting too caught up in always looking good and being perfect only makes you shallow and unfulfilled.

3) I owe a lot to my stylist. He’s known me for years and has a natural feel for what makes me shine. Of course I’ve had plenty of fashion mistakes, but I’d rather focus on all the good things…

4) Armani is one of the best red-carpet designers. He knows how to make clothes that flatter a woman. I always feel totally comfortable, strong and unstoppable in his designs.

5) The most beautiful people are the ones whose glamour comes from within and shines to the outside. No amount of expensive outfits can do that for you! Find your own path – it’s not about pleasing anyone else.

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Talking about covers, popular TV show Glee covered Jay Z and Alicia Keys Empire State Of Mind. So HERE is the song. Enjoy and let us know what you think.

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The Grammy winning band and label mate Maroon 5 did a cover of Alicia’s 2004 single If I Aint Got You, it can be found on the deluxe edition of their new album “Hands All Over”. The Grammy winning song was covered perfectly by Maroon 5′s frontman Adam Levine who also appeared on Alicia’s Unplugged album on a song called Wild Horses. Be sure to cop your copy. Album in stores now. Support good music.

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“I work to ensure children with HIV have the medicine they need to live – but what if we could prevent them from being infected in the first place? We know how to stop the virus from passing from mother to child. We have the medicine. We have the knowledge. But do we have the will? If we come together, I know that we can do this. This PSA has a powerful message. I hope everyone will watch it, share it, and lend your voice to,” said Alicia Keys, Grammy-winning recording artist and founder of Keep A Child Alive ( More

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Over the weekend Jennifer Hudson hinted on a possible collaboration between herself and Mr and Mrs Beatz for her anticipated album, details about the project are still sketchy but we are keeping our fingers crossed on this one.

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