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Alicia keys named Personality of the Year by Examiner

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

According to EXAMINER Alicia keys is personality of the year the have a very interesting article on Alicia as well as an Interview. And from this interview i got to know that Alicia’s song is featured as a soundtrack for the movie Secret Life of Bees and the song is no other than Dont Chu Know (Sky is Blue), which can be gotten from Alicia keys rereleased album AS I AM Super Edition.


Few recording artists today have the incredible staying – and selling — power like that of Alicia Keys.Instantly setting herself apart from her rump-shaking contemporaries upon her 2001 debut, Keys’ smooth blend of old school soul and rhythm & blues continues to court global favor. With 11 Grammy awards on her shelf, as well as more than 20 million albums sold worldwide, the musical life of Ms. Keys is without compare. So, why the eagerness to extend her artistic reach into acting where so many others have been met with deaf ears? The answers were direct and simple.

JORGE CARREON: It can be said that each of the woman in “The Secret Life of Bees” represents a different facet of what it is to be a woman. Would you agree with that?

ALICIA KEYS: I would. I really do see the many variations of beautiful women in this film. They come in all styles, shapes, sizes, colors and all types of pasts; things that we’re recovering from and going through and embracing. So I do agree. read all here

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Kylie Prefers Alicia and AK and Jack White nominated again.

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

Another way to die was nominated for Best song in the 2009 Critics Choice Awards. Congrats to Alicia.

Kylie Minogue is said to have turned down an invitation to watch David Beckham play football.The LA Galaxy star, 33, offered the singer seats for a match in Auckland, New Zealand.But insiders say Kylie, 40, decided to watch Alicia Keys perform at the Vector Arena instead.
Kylie loves David and is a mate of Victoria,’ a pal tells The Sun.
‘But she so rarely gets to see top-name performers in action that she jumped at the chance to see Alicia.’

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Alicia @ TSB Arena, Sunday, December 7

Monday, December 8th, 2008

Since her debut solo album in 2001, Alicia Keys has moved away from the straight piano r’n'b balladry that had her pegged as a successor to Aretha Franklin.

She now prowls the stage like a cross between Beyonce and Janet Jackson.

The last seven years have been kind to Keys. The kids still love her, but so do their parents, with a wide range of ages impressed as she effortlessly moves between the two personas: the kitted-up dance routines and the pure piano-and-voice, no-bells, no-whistles approach.

She is better when she is sitting behind the black’n'whites, showcasing her voice; the between-song banter and dance routines are too scripted, too obvious.

Keys’ real strength was always in her vulnerability and that still shows when selections from Songs In A Minor (such as Fallin’ and A Woman’s Worth) are pushed into place.

The material from 2007’s As I Am is more about the product than the song, all shiny and slick (Superwoman), Keys only ever the co-writer, often just the singer. There are still some great modern r’n'b moments, but it is a shame that success as a pop star came at the expense of her vital, raw talent.

The high point of the show arrived early with the Prince b-side How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore? It was a showcase not only for Keys but also for her incredible band, three backing singers and seven talented instrumentalists. (I wonder if half of the crowd knew the song was by Prince or for that matter even cared.)

The audience loved every minute of it, with Beatlemania- like screams filling the arena, and the energy level was impressive, Keys working hard and well supported by a super-tight funk/soul combo.

Jordin Sparks won the sixth season of the worst show on television, American Idol. Her opening set promoted her self-titled debut album and featured songs about “cherishing your friends and family”.

She covered Michael Jackson’s PYT, which was preferable to hearing her own lyrical clunkers, such as “how am I supposed to breathe without air”.

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Alicia in New Zealand.

Monday, December 8th, 2008

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Grammy Nominations.

Friday, December 5th, 2008

Am not very pleased with the Grammy nominations this year for the first time i really think Grammy is not been fair. Alicia keys was nominated for only three grammy after a very successful year with her best work As i Am which has pieces that should have been nominated eg Like you will never see me again. And superwoman should have been nominated for song/record of the year. I think the just sat and said AK has 11 grammy so lets give it to other people and add spice to the show. All the same Alicia keys was nominated for Best rnb song for Superwoman, Best short video for Another way to Die and Best Pop vocal performance for Lesson learned with John Mayer.

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